Top Resources for Quality Crypto News in Nigeria

We all need to be invested and up to date with the latest news in crypto. The space of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain moves fast, and it can be challenging to keep up with the pace. On top of this, there are many misleading, fake, and outright scam news sites out there. The consequences of falling for these types of information can be very harmful financially or put you on the radar of hackers looking to steal some crypto. 

This means that it is crucial to be aware of the source and the quality of the news we consume. This is very important for those actively trading since news is what moves sentiment in any market, crypto not being an exception. Nigerian traders need to know the reputable sources of information out there. There have been many scams associated with unreliable sites spreading misleading information. So, in this article, we will list some of the most trustworthy news sources out there.

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Originally a peer-to-peer fiat and cryptocurrency exchange, Remitano also offers daily news and analysis. The site provides articles regarding the new trends in crypto, price analysis for the major coins in the market, and long-form opinion articles and analysis. 

They also tend to focus more on individual markets as they expand their peer-to-peer business model. They have many articles focusing on Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, and other nations discussing how the crypto economy is reshaping them. This is an excellent site for a more focused analysis in individual markets.

It also periodically publishes crypto news focused on the Nigerian market. For the past two years, Remitano has focused heavily on developing and expanding its Nigerian operations, including news and analysis of the local crypto market.


CoinTelegraph is one of the most trusted and long-standing news sites regarding crypto out there. They publish several daily articles dealing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decentralized Finance, and everything happening in the crypto world. 

They also provide price analysis and other types of technical articles on many topics. This is complemented by opinion pieces discussing many of the things happening in Blockchain and the world of Decentralized Ledger Technologies at large. 


CoinDesk was actually launched in 2003, making it the oldest crypto news site. It was mainly about finance news on the internet back then, but once Bitcoin launched in 2009, they quickly began reporting on it. This has made one if not, the most enduring news source of cryptocurrencies and all things Blockchain.

They have many opinion articles and industry analysis. They also do price analysis for all the most traded cryptocurrencies and tokens in the market. CoinDesk tends to be a complete resource for all those looking for a good source.


A financial blog focused on the Nigerian market. It has long been one of the leading news sources for economic information about Nigeria. It has also branched to cryptocurrency news. It is a dedicated cryptocurrency blog that is kept up to date by a dedicated pool of writers. The site offers information from around the world and the Nigerian crypto scene for all those looking to remain informed.   


A news site based in Europe that focuses mainly on Bitcoin and Ethereum news. It is widely used in the European continent as it often highlights projects for that region of the world. It also offers price analysis, market cap listings, crypto event coverage, and product reviews.  

News BTC

It is a widely recognized platform in the Bitcoin community and crypto at large. They offer updates, analysis, opinion pieces, and reviews on all things Blockchain. Also, they have branched out on educational content for the crypto community. Outside their main platform, they also have very active communities on various social media platforms.  

Bitcoin Magazine

This is one of the first online publications out there to be exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin. It has quickly jumped to the top ranks in terms of the quality of content in the BTC community.

The main type of contents provided is price analysis and forecasting for BTC. It also publishes opinion pieces, reviews, and discussion centered around Bitcoin. Lately, it has also done a few posts on other altcoins, but their core remains Bitcoin.


Founded during the ICO craze of 2017, CryptoSlate managed to navigate the bull market and subsequent crash while growing its base. The platform has quickly become a vital news HUB for the Ethereum community as it initially focused on reporting on ICO. 

It has branched out from ICO reviews into other types of content. These include discussions, project rankings, interviews, and opinion pieces. It has also moved to cover projects outside Ethereum. 


Bitcoinist mainly focuses on reviews. It does not do price analysis regularly, like other news sites on this list. Unlike the name suggests, the platform is not only dedicated to Bitcoin. It offers content on altcoins, DeFi projects, ICO, tokens, and anything having to do with Blockchain in general. 

Aside from conventional news outlets, there is a different type of resource out there. These are news aggregator sites. As the name suggests, they bundle news of a specific topic in a single platform. They can be a very helpful tool to navigate between topics quickly. 

A drawback of such platforms is that they often rely on community scores to curate content. This means misleading articles and pieces of information can be included in certain topic searches. Regardless, they are an important platform to use and follow when using news for trading. 

Today On Chain

Today on Chain of the most common and used news aggregators in crypto. The platform gathers news from various sources and includes them in a single, easy-to-use website. Next to the news tab, it is possible to follow what crypto influencers are discussing. This gives an interesting perspective when researching topics.  

As an active aggregator, Today On Chain gathers information from all of the sources previously mentioned in this article.

Crypto Panic

One of the best news aggregators out there, Crypto Panic offers a one-stop platform for all news related to crypto. It has a fully customizable interface where a user can set up alerts on specific topics or configure a crypto portfolio. This means that it is possible to have warnings regarding price action either on a downtrend or uptrend. 

It has quickly gained adoption in the Blockchain world. The platform is very intuitive and offers API calls for those looking to make use of its features. 

The world of cryptocurrencies is full of misinformation and scams. It is essential to follow only trustworthy and reputable news sources. This is a comprehensive list of resources for those looking to be up to date with everything having to do with crypto.

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