Coinbase will be a proxy for owning crypto

Ocugen: “I know Ocugen as a cartilage company … I’ve always felt it was a great spec, but I know it’s a heavily-shorted meme name and I don’t know what’ going on between the long and the shorts there.”

Inovio Pharmaceuticals: “It’s a speculative stock that hasn’t really delivered, how about that.”

Plug Power: “If you believe in hydrogen power, Plug is the winner … Many people don’t believe in hydrogen power and there also were some issues involving accounting that I didn’t like, and that made me sour on the stock, but I would welcome the company [CEO] Andy [Marsh] back because that was painful.”

Coinbase: “I believe people are going to use that as a proxy for owning crypto. I am with Lisa Ellis, who’s the best analyst on it, who says the stock can only go to $600.”

Leslie’s: “I see your Leslie and I raise you with Pool Corp. I like Pool Corp as being a better situation.”

Kellogg: “I think you should not own Kellogg. I think that, frankly, it’s had a nice little run, not a big one, and it’s good to be able to skedaddle. Mondelez is a better play.”