Bitcoin mining is insanely profitable right now and so is Ethereum mining, the two biggest crypto coins ever and tens of millions of dollars of new coins are mined …


  1. It’s funny all these people scalping prices but yet they don’t want to set up the rig and bring in that same profit in few months they looking for quick buck with out the electric cost

  2. I want to build a system that give you 10$ per day from Ethereum. What kind of graphics card and how many need? Any suggest? Im new to mining i have the motherboard+cpu+ssd+500w power supply but i dont know what graphics card need for 10$ per day.

  3. Great,dude

    Could you give your prediction on UNO? Saw smb was discussing it on Twi. They say UnoRe is made to give users complete control over insurance products and gain easier access to this market. Should I invest?

  4. I can't help but admire the editing in this video
    I started researching bitcoin and other ways to get money through crypto and this video was so informative to me! Thank you for helping me In my crypto journey!

  5. Hey VoskCoin! I'm 15 and I want to start mining! I can't seem to find any available hs1/hs1+ asics. Do you have any recommendations?
    btw I have a budget of about 2000$. Thanks!

  6. Hello, I'm new to forex trade And have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

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