How to Make $100+ A Day Trading Cryptocurrency As A Beginner | Complete Tutorial & Strategy

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  1. Should I continue this series and trade this small account LIVE on Youtube to see how far it can grow? Thumb up the video if you want to see that =)

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  4. Sounds accurate I become more devoted to trade Bitcoin recently after receiving my first profit $25000 a month ago. Right now am really excited regarding my recent changes in live through creating funds in Bitcoin trade.

  5. 12:57 To me this looked like a head and shoulders pattern, which is a bearish signal. But instead you saw a triple bottom. Can you explain why I’m wrong and how I can not mis-identify this pattern in the future?

  6. How does he only have 10k subs?! Excellent video and explanation! Probably the most informative and easy to follow video I've seen yet. Well done my friend! Subbed!

  7. Hi Currency Nomad,

    Very informative video, almost without any technical indicator.

    One question: Can it be used for swing trading? If yes then what time frames for top-down analysis?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


  8. Hey Nick, I couldn't find where to DM you on YT or on Amazon so I figured I would ask here, I'm looking at buying your book off amazon, Can i apply the same techniques in the book to Crypto? thank you in advance and thank you for putting out amazing videos

  9. Crypto currencies rise and fall daily so one must know the right time to invest. Keep your eyes on the market and be ready to make a move anytime.

  10. When you cash out, where do you store your money? Do you store it as USDT? If you are day trading, I imagine the fees get expensive if you keep converting to FIAT back and forth

  11. Hi Nicolas,

    if you have some knowledge, could you please make a video on why the BTC and USDT paired altcoins charts look so different on the trading view. For example, if you take a look at BINANCE:DOTBTC chart it looks quite different from BINANCE:DOTUSDT chart. I think this information is important when a trader performs technical analysis. Should somebody look for support and resistances at the BTC paired chart or the USDT one? I hope you understand what I am talking about.

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  13. Can you do a video on what you do with your crypto before a crash just sell the lot and start again after the crash? Or What other strategies not to allow you to hoddle and not take say a 90% loss on your cryptos? Regards

  14. I need some assistance here and found it confusing…. I am trying to put $300 but don't know which currency to invest in… I like to do day to day trade.. is that better?

  15. “How to make 100 a day trading for beginners”

    pulls out a chart that might as well be a kaleidoscope for a beginner ?

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