Buying Crypto SAFELY: Complete Beginner's Guide!! ?

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  1. It's ridiculous that he says that's all that's to it! Is there anyone here that can tell me any easier way of doing this? I'm not planning on spending thousands of dollars because… Well I don't have thousands of dollars! I would really like to just buy 1 or $200 worth of Dogecoin and maybe few dollars in Bitcoin as well and after I do that yeah I probably will get into it more and spend money on a wallet xcetera but right now I'm just looking to purchase in store somewhere around a total of $300 worth of two or three coins and I haven't done it and I've wanted to do it for the past six months and I've lost out so much on those two coins already! Can anyone help me out oh and I have to do it all on a cell phone! So I was kind of wondering if I could somehow turn a microSD card into an external/Hardware wallet that I could store crypto on and take it out and put it in only when I need to make some sort of a transfer… It doesn't seem like anyone knows enough in order to tell me how to do that and a bunch of people are telling me just use a paper wallet but I believe I have to have a printer for that no?

  2. He says and thats it!! Thats how easy it is to buy crypto!! Right after going through countless steps and other bs… i literally filled up 9 pages of single rule notebook pages with the crap he said to do!! THE SAD PART IS THAT WASN'T ALL OF IT! PROBABLY ANOTHER 3OR4 PAGES IF I PUT EVERYTHING DONW TO PAPER! How could he possibly think of saying "IT'S THAT EASY!!"

  3. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P
    I•n•v•e•s•t• in c•r•y•p•t•o• a•n•d• e•a•r•n• p•r•o•f•i•t,,

  4. You do not hold the video picture long enough. I look at it, try to write it down, look up and it is gone. Can we print the videos or buy them?

  5. This is the best advice out there! Isn't it funny that in today's digital and crypto world, with all the digital technology, etc., the best security is still an old fashioned pen and a paper notebook. LOL Just ordered my Ledger Nano. They've apparently fixed their hacking issue and it was under $100.00 so worth it. I don't like doing any crypto on my phone. It's so risky nowadays. Thanks for all your wonderful advice! Always use 2FA with Authy.

  6. Hello. I’m looking for a recommendation. My ancient iPad and very crappy laptop are not safe to go into crypto trading. Should I buy the newest iPad or get a much better laptop?

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  13. Guy: “The less people that know that you hold crypto, the better” also Guy: Makes a channel about crypto currency – “Here’s a video where I tell you about my current crypto portfolio” ?

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  18. So question. I'm using Binance US and given three options to purchase crypto say Etherium: BTC, USD and USDT. I'm assuming the latter two means I'm buying Etherium as stable coins which is backed by fiat (hence controlled), correct?

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