Carnomaly Announces the Launch of Their CARR Tokens On Their Second Major Cryptocurrency Exchange

PLANO, Texas, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Carnomaly, the world’s leading automotive crypto company, today announced their CARR token has launched on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange. This is the second major exchange the company has partnered with following their launch on the PROBIT exchange.

Carnomaly created CARR tokens in order to fund its development and their global reward program. The Ethereum network hosts the token exclusively through its ERC-20 smart contract. Their utilization of the Ethereum network makes it simple to analyze how many tokens each member holds and ascertain the membership level for each contact.

“It’s extremely exciting to see our CARR tokens hit another major exchange offering even greater access to consumers,” says Scott Heninger, Founder and CEO of Carnomaly. “We believe in the power of cryptocurrency to not only shift how consumers interact with their automotive purchases but to also open up the industry to everyone.”

Carnomaly’s announcement of their CARR token’s launch on a second major exchange comes on the heels of another automotive company’s entrance into the crypto space now that Tesla will accept bitcoin as a payment method for its products and their stock (TSLA) will be traded as a token on Binance’s exchange so that users can buy fractional shares using cryptocurrency.

Carnomaly’s launch on their second top cryptocurrency exchange places them at the forefront of the transformation of the automotive industry through the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology. They are the clear market leader with the most innovative solutions for optimizing the automotive experience through this burgeoning technology.

To learn more about Carnomaly and to be a part of the world’s first-ever automotive reward platform, visit

Carnomaly is the world’s leading automotive crypto company and the future of the automotive industry. Our fleet of tech solutions will bring digital innovation to the automotive industry through the power of blockchain and crypto technology. Through our innovative we will change the way consumers buy, sell, shop, report, and finance new or used vehicles.

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