Dogecoin: What are the latest predictions?

Dogecoin is reaching all new levels, but the quest for $1 value is still on for the meme-based cryptocurrency.

New predictions for Doge

Dogecoin has continued to rise in recent days, becoming more valuable compared to other major companies, like Twitter, Ford and Snap. But how far will the cryptocurrency grow?

  • DigitalCoinPrice predicts Dogecoin will hit $1 in early 2022. The same company predicted the cryptocurrency will hit $0.91 in December 2021.
  • CoinPriceForecast predicts Dogecoin will hit $3 by the end of 2021.

There’s also been some speculation about what might happen next with Dogecoin because of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has been a proponent of Dogecoin. Many predict he will mention Dogecoin during an upcoming “Saturday Night Live” appearance, which might make the value of the cryptocurrency rise even more, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

Will investors hold?

According to InvestorPlace, Dogecoin investors have arrived at a particular spot because the value has reached a previous record high, which has worried people.

  • “The last few days have had Dogecoin holders sweating,” according to InvestorPlace. “The crypto has been hovering around the 40-cent mark, which is a sore spot for investors. It hit the 43-cent mark at the height of its surge in mid-April, and has staggered in the weeks since. So when it reached the same level again, investors held their breath.”

It’s unclear what will happen with Dogecoin. But the recent round of hype will come to a head at the upcoming “Saturday Night Live” appearance from Musk.