Niveen Abdalrhman’s clothing brand ‘Niviour’ is creating ripples in the fashion world.

We have come across a lot of individuals across various fields who have risen to the top in their respective careers and shown that there is no replacement for hard work and focus to achieve your dreams. Their unique approach towards their work has made them stand apart from others making people take notice. Some of these talented minds have surpassed the age barrier and reached a position which only a few can dream of. Here we present a young fashion talent, who at 23 years of age has gone ahead in her career and made it as a top notch entrepreneur in the city of New York, she is Niveen Abdalrhman.

Creativity and Niveen went hand in hand since the very beginning and she always dreamt of a career which would help her unleash her creative instincts. After completing her formal education, she started working in a full-time job at a performance marketing company, but it was definitely not where she belonged to, as her heart was somewhere else, in fashion and clothing. There was no way she would want to continue doing something which never interested her, so she went ahead and decided to try her hands in the creative world of fashion. The pandemic which brought the whole globe to a standstill also gave a lot of time for people to do what they liked as they had all the time in the world due to the global lockdown. Niveen started working on her skills during this time and laid the basic foundation which was needed to build up a career which always interested her. She started her journey in the fashion world and soon after gaining a grip on the trade launched her fashion brand ‘Niviour’, which is a combination of her name and the word ‘Savior’. The collection that her brand displays have been made with much love and that is exhibited in all her designs.

Niveen’s tryst with social media started in 2018, when she launched her Instagram influencer page, which displayed distinct streetwear styles that gained a healthy number of followers in no time. Soon her influencing skills took off which catapulted her to fame making her one of the best known fashion influencers on social media. Talking about her fashion brand she says that her focus is in making high-quality luxury streetwear which are easy on the pockets. The wide collection of fashion wear which ranges from slim fit joggers to 3D puff raised embroidery on hoodies and joggers are unique in style and are designed keeping in mind the current trends.

‘Niviour’ as a fashion brand has marked a strong presence since its launch and Niveen is confident enough of getting her brand known on a global platform soon.

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