TacoCat, a 1st of its Kind Lifestyle Cryptocurrency, Announces Game Changing Plans

NEW YORK, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TacoCat, an up & coming BEP-20 cryptocurrency token, on the same market as the infamous Safemoon project, has just launched on the Binance Smart Chain & announced their game changing plans to bridge mainstream audiences with the crypto world.

After a successful initial rollout that featured social media promotion, crowd-source marketing, and boots on the ground promotion that resulted in a peak of $25,000,000 in marketcap and nearly 12,000 token holders, the next phase of the rollout includes the introduction of NFTs, staking, and more.

In keeping with their hybrid lifestyle and crypto brand, TacoCat has also begun the implementation of the exclusive TacoCat merch store by deploying apparel and lifestyle accessories. The TacoCat community will be able to participate in the TacoCat merch store process by voicing their opinions regarding the future of the merch store & the vision behind it.

By providing a friendly, mainstream image like Dogecoin — TacoCat has positioned itself as a friendly, accessible face for cryptocurrency, using its reach and stature to promote promising tokens with good brand potential, driving their adoption by the Binance Smart Chain community, and sharing in their growth and leveraging their brands to drive additional merchandising products and volume on TacoCat storefronts.

The company is also implementing strategies regarding how to support TacoCat holders with the revenue obtained from the merch store.

And as this revenue grows, TacoCat can begin to expand into other avenues, all while supporting the TacoCat crypto economy within their unique eco-system.

“TacoCat is blending both the cryptocurrency market and the real-world market in a novel and exciting way, and we’re ecstatic to have you along for the ride. Strap in, hold your Tacos, and get ready for a whole new experience!” Rosanna Marchese, a representative for the company said in a statement.


TacoCat is a community token and real-world brand that connects merchandising, creatives, and promotions with new and emerging cryptocurrencies. It aims to establish a self-contained ecosystem for exposing a growing community to promising crypto projects, while simultaneously providing an accessible cryptocurrency experience for the mainstream audiences. Follow TacoCat at these handy links, & join the Telegram community for 24/7 LIVE support.

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SOURCE TacoCat Life