Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners (Cryptocurrency Explained)

This short video shares an insight into trading cryptocurrency for beginners. Covering what cryptocurrencies are and how trading cryptocurrency works. This is …


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  2. This pandemic has taught us a lot if you ask me, depending on the system doesn't work. Earning passively has proven to be the best and safest way to stay wealthy for me, I'd rather be wealthy than rich, only great kinds understand this simple but difficult concept.

  3. Tell me more about that " " ;))) , just seeing that, i wouldn't trust you trading for me . Is my first time here, don't know what you're doing here, but you look like a beginner in trading too. Keep working on gathering and understanding the info you pass on to your viewers through these videos. Cheers.

  4. Stock are good but is wrapped and invested in forex, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. I have been making good profits

  5. I follow you because your experience is a very real representation of the learning process that we are all going through or have gone through. I learn by seeing you learn, so I think your journal of your growth is very useful. I’m thinking of following in your footsteps in joining warrior trading!
    It’s not so useful when you explore things that you don’t know much about, however, so stick to what you know and dive deeper into new things you are exploring. I have been diving into the world of digital assets for a few months now and I’ve never heard of the exchange or the other sites you mention. Your YouTube
    Colleagues at cryptobusy are an excellent place to learn about trading digital currencies, in fact they too started out and still trade in the Forex market as well as trading cryptocurrency‘s for the last three or four years.

  6. have been trading crypto currency for a while now and i can testify its really the best investment at the moment…increasing drastically daily

  7. I've been trading cryptocurrencies for many years here are some tips that might help you. If you're trading alt coins(other cryptos) you need to understand and pay attention to bitcoin since it's the main fundamental for alt coins and the whole market in general, if bitcoin moves violently to the upside alts usually go down or don't move much at all but only temporary since alts will follow bitcoin eventually, if bitcoin dumps hard alt coins will also dump hard but at least 3 times more so be careful here, if bitcoin moves sideways or it's just grindy that's when alts do their big move. Crypto is a fast moving market cycles can change all of a sudden, most alt coins are garbage projects just think as if they were penny stocks they might not be good for holding long term but awesome for trading short or medium term.

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