Cryptocurrency trading for beginners tips – Amateur Vs Pro Trading! Are you using too much leverage?

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  1. Another awesome video! ❤️❤️ Am investing my time and money in crypto now, this new price is a clear sign for new investors to come in ✅✅…

  2. WARNING!!! Before even thinking about throwing your money away on this scammer watch Spencer Cornielia’s video exposing this woman! She’s a scammer that has no clue about crypto

  3. 1. Stable coins can be used to preserve asset value when prices are dropping. If I swapped 1 BTC @ $60k, I would be able to buy 2 BTC when its price is $30k using 1 BTC.
    2. Some crypto has to move a certain amount up & down on the market for it to even be profitable so trading should try to establish this pattern in how the market moves.

  4. This is Amazing! Spencer Cornelia has taken some of her courses that really highlight how respected she is in crypto! He even dubbed her the “Crypto Queen”.

    I’d highly recommend checking out Spencer Cornelia “Crypto Queen” before investing any $ with her! Also check out Coffeezilla!

  5. Hey Anna…we met on Instagram. I totally love you and I was one of those individuals that got totally scammed, but I know now that I can make all the money back. I feel grateful that I'm able to learn from you as I'm a newbie but will be practicing practicing and practicing some more. Being an athlete, I get how consistency is key. Things always work out for the best!! So excited to be here

  6. You know nothing about crypto 😂😂 your advice is bullshit . I do this for a living, your advice is day one. You do you even understand why you would leverage ?

  7. Hi Anna! I'm hannah.. Been trading bitcoin with my husband through cash app for about a week and we are making money but I dont like the limits or fear of not knowing what we are really doing. I have downloaded bitseven and Im still learning before I jump. You can only take out 5000 a week through cash app and i have 10000 tied up as well as my husband on his account. I think we just need to keep learning but im scared of loosing what we have already invested. I am considering your course as to not fail. you have several. which one would be the best to try for long term . i need to make at lest 8000 a month to cover bills so Im trying to figure out how much it will take and how long to build up! Guess Ill watch another video for now! do you recommend etoro for virtual simulation?

  8. I love your courses. I have been trading for 1 month. Making it a daily habit to practice and take my Profits and really be mindful about my emotions and my energy while making decisions that requires risk., I learned that small wins over time will help me win in the long run. Thanks Anna. Happy new year! 2021 <3

  9. I have no clue on how to trade but I have been watching a few of your videos Anna and I have developed an interest on learning how to trade cryptocurrency and I know deep down in my heart that with you by my side coaching and guarding me, I will definitely be able to execute a trade

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