DeezNuts And Trust Wallet Are Giving Away Free NFTs

(Photo : DeezNuts And Trust Wallet Are Giving Away Free NFTs)

The cancer research focussed crypto and metaverse organization is teaming up with the world’s leading crypto wallet platform for a big giveaway. DeezNuts have raised over six digits towards several cancer research organizations since their launch about six months ago, endorsed by super stars such as NFL athlete Antonio Brown. 

Funds have been forwarded to organizations including the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Testicular Cancer Society, Kids Cancer Foundation, Pancreatic Cancer Network, Jane McGrath Foundation supporting breast cancer and also The Mark Hughes Foundation supporting Brain Cancer.

DeezNuts launched as a charity crypto coin about half a year ago and was widely successful, not at last due to its meaningful purpose and some powerful a-list celebrities’ endorsements. 

A lot has happened since and the group behind the coin has created a much bigger brand behind the charity now. 

Entering the NFT space with the release of their own Flappy Sack NFTs, the group is ready to grow. The NFTs can be used in an upcoming virtual ‘play-to-earn’ game in a metaverse called “Flappy Sack” – a game inspired by the Flappy Bird game downloaded by millions of people around the world. 

Flappy Sack is structured around a play to earn concept and already has the alpha version available. 

Too virtual? DeezNuts understand that the real pleasures happen in real life. And decided that those who are amongt the lucky few to get their hands on a Flappy Sack NFT will join the DeezNuts team on an all inclusive trip to Bali, meeting celebrities and the creators for an unforgetable experience. Oh well, we might give this a go now.

Teaming Up With The World’s Most Reputable Crypto Wallet

Now DeezNuts And Trust Wallet announce their collaboration to celebrate the launch of their Metaverse NFTs. Trust Wallet, currently probably the most reputable crypto wallet in the world, are giving away 10 BNB and 3 NFTs with DeezNuts.

A great addition to Trust Wallet’s portfolio, and a brilliant move for DeezNuts as well.

How Do Some Alt-Coins Get The Hype?

In an ocean full of alt-coins, why do some are so successful, why others flop? DeezNuts are a prime example for the things that you can do right in the niche spaces of the cypto world. Their contribution to cancer research is remarkable and most definitely convinced plenty of celebrities, including NFL superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown to publicly endorse the coin. Besides the purpose and endorsements, they also offer their holders a place to communicate,  to network. Forming a community, so that for many investors the purchase was just a means to become part of the group. A network of education and possible business partners, maybe even friendships is extremely appealing for any entrepreneur that is looking to explore new spaces. 

Whether it’s attractive incentives, the charity purpose, or the mentioned networking benefits, it’s the real life effects that decide about the public appeal of virtual venture.

And DeezNuts are doing that part very well. Aware that it takes a lot of adaptivity and creativity to keep your brand in front of the many fast paced alternatives, it’s worth to keep an eye on this group. Especially now, after the collaboration with giants Trust Wallet. 

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