How To Buy An NFT on OpenSea – Crypto For Beginners

I paid $96 in ETH gas fees to make this video demonstration of how to buy an NFT on the OpenSea platform so, if you could like the video so I can make some of …


  1. You need to do a video on WHY anyone would use Ethereum and pay those ridiculous gas fees. I don't get it. Especially when Binance only charges pennies for whatever you want to buy.

  2. Can I ask why one should buy NFT? I look at them and to me most are simple graphics everyone can make on their graphics app, what is the value of that? There is much better Digital Art to collect than what is available in NFT markets, is it because of its potential value like Crypto or because it is a relatively new thing? Adding the gass fees this is ridiculous. I think the NFT markets should be in a new Blockchain that has very low or no fees. Ethereum is just not made for this.

  3. Thanks Cora, I love your videos.. Can you please make one about how to sell, and may be answer the question of how the value changes with time? Thanks again!

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