Is Crypto Mining A Scam?

Is cryptocurrency mining a scam? There’s a lot of misplaced fear and misinformation in the crypto mining space surrounding this question. Past crypto scams …


  1. This Bitcoin mining really saved my life. I found out about it last year and jumped straight into it. I know plan on using that money to start other businesses like my own record label and clothing brand and stuff to help create jobs for people and potentially also help out starving artists out there

  2. In my opinion its a scam, otherwise why give rewards for keeping this mining afloat? Why halting the rewards every four years to make it last forever? It's the support system of the cryptocurrency world which seems a scam as well. a massive cost to the environment and layman's money who want to invest in something they don't understand just from the fear of missing out.

    When eventually cryptocurrency goes into a 2nd winter governments and financial institutions will move to stop it. Why is decentralised money a good idea? It's a very very bad idea folks.

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