Kraken Tutorial 2021: Cryptocurrency Exchange for Beginners!

In this video, we walk-through a full Kraken Tutorial (UPDATED 2021)! I share my experience with the Kraken platform buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency …


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  2. Great job Will. Plenty of valuable instruction to get me started. When you wire funds to Kraken on average how long have you found those funds to be available to purchase. I am looking to buy a substantial amount of Tron while it's on sale and want to strike pretty quickly. I participate in a platform that is great for multiplying your Tron so I want to get it as robust as I can afford to.

  3. Took too long to get to the actual trading platform charts. My question is does this platform allow for shorting meaning can I place an order when the cryptocurrencies are going down, which you didn't cover? I Trade Forex and so I'm very, very familiar with candle sticks pattern. I currently have Coinbase Pro and they don't allow shorting selling (buying when the shit is hitting the fan). 💯💯😁😁👍👍

  4. Very helpful video, thanks! Newbie question for you – what do you recommend for storing fiat for crypto future transactions? It sounds like storing it on Kraken isn't the best idea since it isn't a wallet? I have fiat stored on my Coinbase account, but it doesn't look like I can transfer fiat from there to Kraken? I would just leave it in my bank account, but I don't want to pay a wire fee every time I want to buy something…What do you do? Thanks!!

  5. Hi Will, I just watched your shorter review on Kraken and now I'm going to watch this. But, before I do, I have a question. Are you able to fund forex brokers through Kraken? If so, do you do it through the withdrawal method? I use Coinbase. However, Coinbase is really slow about making funds available after buying Bitcoins. I'm ready to fund a forex broker, but I'm waiting on Coinbase to get its act together. Would Kraken be any faster?

  6. what is the rewards from staking?
    like is it money? crypto? being reinvested in. If it was 10,000 staking on a certain crypto what will the rewards be? money paid to you monthly, quarterly? Or reinvested back into to it to grow your position. Im extremely new at this, your help is greatly appreciated

  7. Will, this video was extremely helpful but I am a novice at crypto trading. I have some dogecoin that I would like to basically sell and have the money deposited into my bank account. I need more assistance to execute this transaction for the first time so that I don't make a mistake and send the money to the wrong account.

  8. Question about dollar cost averaging and leverage. Is this a correct example for DCA: You enter a $500 long on BTC at 57,000, price drops to 56,000 and you add another $500, making your total trade $1,000 at the price of 56,500? Is that correct? And if this is true, how does it work using leverage? Also, can you mix leverage amounts? $500 entry at 57,000 with 3x leverage, then another $500 entry at 5x leverage at 56,000. Is it possible to mix leverage or do you need to stay at the same leverage amount? Thanks.

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