Memphis had a role in sting of drug trafficking using darknet cryptocurrency

Three people were arrested and charged with federal offenses as part of an international, multi-agency effort to locate and charge individuals that sell illicit, lethal drugs using the dark web and cryptocurrency.

Investigators say the defendants shipped counterfeit Adderall from Texas to a Shelby County post office box. 

According to a recently filed federal complaint, Kevin Ombisi,Eric Russell, and Winrose Ndichuused the cryptocurrency Bitcoin to buy methamphetamines through a darknet online market. The methamphetamines pills were misleadingly marked as Adderall.

It is thought by Memphis defense attorney Barry McWhirter, who represents Ombisi, that the pills were mailed to an undercover DEA agent who used the Shelby County post box. 

Assistant U.S. attorneys prosecuting the case would not comment. McWhirter, maintains his client is innocent.

The complaint said in total, 27 counterfeit Adderall pills were exchanged from Texas.  Those pills represent a small fraction of the more than 500 pounds of illicit drugs seized since the start of the initiative in January 2021.