Mick Scott: Watch the ripples change their size | Columnists

I have no doubt that the protesting parents are sincere. They’re worried about their kids. That’s perfectly understandable.

Many of them are also misguided and misinformed — especially if they think their kids might become gay or transgender because of a picture they saw in a graphic novel.

That’s not how that works. That’s not how any of that works.

But they continue to think so — to see a basic human biological factor as sin, as something they should punish as they would lying or shoplifting — despite the witness and life experience of literally millions of people throughout the world and history who say this is what they are, not what they do.

Admittedly, some school organizations are doing themselves no favors when they respond by asserting their expertise. They need to find ways to pander to parents’ rights. Like their challengers.

But more important than the rights of parents are the rights of children.

In North Carolina, our constitution guarantees children the right to a sound, basic education.

They also have the right to live; the right to nourishment. And they deserve to be exposed to attitudes they might not find at home.

Children don’t belong to their parents — parents belong to their children, as expeditors and stewards and guides. They serve them poorly if they try to create younger versions of themselves.