Top-tier Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

Today’s video covers arbitrage opportunities provided by the wonderful platform, KoinKnight. Happy trading! Go to Koinkight here: …


  1. Hey bro got any ideas how i can do arbitrage with all the exchange regulations, with me being from california. Half of the exchanges wont accept me. Been doing well for myself trading but id love to partake in some low risk arbitrage.

  2. maybe you should actually show the trades and show that you are using it. you are praising it as so amazing but actually are just discovering the page the first time, obviously. referring for something that you are obviously not even using yourself. got ya

  3. Have a question, does exchanges not angry for we doing suspect transactions.. income – outcome from 10 times in hour πŸ˜‚

  4. Quite strange video. Why don't you learn the possibilities first and THEEEEEN record your video. It is quite unprofessional to say lots of time that you don't know if it includes the fees or not etc….. So my recommendation would be to make some preparational work first…. Regs.
    Anyhow thanks for opening to me the KoinKnight. This was good….

  5. Why would someone build an arbitrage platform that supposedly able to generate 12M$ a week (~624M$ of risk-free profit a year) and decides to share it with the community instead of just paying workers that will accumulate the wealth for him?

    Let's say that the creator wants to help the world. Damn, so in this case, why would have a pay version of the software, just use 10%/20%/whichever percent as income for yourself, and publish the software for free.

    The platform sounds very shady if there is no clear answer to this question.

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