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That’s always been the intent, of course. The initial concept of cryptocurrency wasn’t to make it a means of price speculation, but a digital currency that serves as an alternative to fiat currencies. For any crypto to legitimately work as “money,” though, it has to be price-stable enough for lenders, merchants, and spenders to get comfortable using it to transact business; buying and selling using U.S. dollar-based amounts of Bitcoin defeats the purpose.

For investors, this just means Bitcoin is apt to become more of a parking spot akin to cash or a money market, and less of an investment itself.

The Bitcoin community isn’t quite there yet. Bitcoin has the lead in this regard, however, by virtue of being the first digital currency to become a mainstream concept and the one every crypto fan can agree to utilize.

Ethereum is kind of like a potentially explosive tech stock

Keith Noonan (Ethereum): While some cryptocurrencies are just that — currencies — the value and growth case for Ethereum is different. The Ethereum blockchain provides a platform for smart contracts — exchanges of verified information that are backed up by network processing. Applications pay the cost of using Ethereum blockchain’s capabilities with ether — the cryptocurrency token underpinning the network.