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  1. Thanks, ill keep watching, realistic strategy, good coin insight, i have learned alot
    now its time to go research all my notes and dittos from this vid

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  3. thank you for your wonderfull video l learn to much things hear yet i have a plan ! i m interested on crypto last 2 month but i lose 1k dollar from 2k dollar budget but yet time to win. thank you so much ..

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  6. ok but this is all hindsight, i dropped 1k into SYLO and DSLA and it’s not moving at all. Of course i with i dropped that 1k onto CRO or Avalanche. If you ONLY have 1k what happens when you drop that into something they doesn’t move and then by the time you want to move it, all the other ones have already 10x. I’m frustrated.

  7. Hi Jason n Mik

    …you are great brothers teaching us thanks ..mate I am a bit older but a Qlder my numberplates are so cool as your Bitcoin 1 you guys rule I am sure you want 60 k usdt 4 yours . Or it could go higher ..Thank you for the info Bro , we just need to hold on n buy more . Cheers mate qld n Aussie great to see we are sick of the crap people post you guys are real Thanks mate I am new to this new to this cheers n thank you .

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