6 Things To Consider Before Starting Your Crypto Mining Journey

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  1. How many business machinery goes obsolete after one year? Pretty much none. As much as I am thinking of investing in mining. I’m just trying to figure out how much of an upgrade do I need to do in a year

  2. Bruh, I have 5,000€ and living in Germany. If I enter to mining with this much capital how much can I afford monthly? I know these days stocks are out of GPU’s if it comes to normal price and I build. How much would be my monthly profit like from ETH mining? Plz reply😍😊

  3. sir i am new to crypto mining i just have a question on what is your rough estimate in how long the lifespan of a nvidia 3070 running 24/7 mining with under 70 temp and no overclocking and other changes to settings. And second question is does a cheap processor bottleneck the 3070 when mining?

  4. Good Channel! Can you explain me: I'm talking about first steps in mining with a private PC which I use too. I wanted to get a 1000W PSU for 2 GPUS with a lot of hash potential : When I have a PC with a RTX 3080 soon, can I get a Radeon VII in it, is it working ? Because Nvidia and AMD are different drivers. And where can I get videos, step by step when I'm a beginner where to mine, how to setup 2 GPUs in the miner in my example, with what program to get the best possible return in ETH mining. What I need to watch out regarding getting the best out of the GPUS underclocking, (how do I bios mod (if) when both GPUs are connected, would be this dangeous?) + side programs. So many questions. Because it feels sometimes hard for me to get the golden solution when I see so many videos with different mining experiences, a lot of pieces but not together. Thanks in advance

  5. I have a lot of computer hardware because I like it although I'm not doing anything with it right now. I also like crypto and and have invested in some just as a store of value and a form of currency. I want to play around with it just as a hobby and put some of my older hardware to use. I don't expect to make much and would just be happy if it was able to pay for itself. Thanks for the info, it's very helpful.

  6. You seem to have ROI confused with BEP. On the red devil rig you'd be looking at a ROI of about a 6.8% monthly, 81.6% annually, with a BEP of almost 15 months.

  7. Another fact needed to be mentioned is after a person has one gpu rig paid off, the second gpu rig will be paid off twice as fast as you'll have two rigs working to pay off the latest one. That fact multiplies the more rigs you have.

    Another fact is if your mining. You should be trading, period. When the market goes bearish, move into stable coins, at the very least. When it turns Bullish, go back into whatever coins you want to be in. Otherwise, your just going on blind hope that the market will always go up. And it won't. And, you'll lose your coins value.

    Basically, when it comes to gpu mining its Nvidia or nothing. Buy used on eBay and try to get the cheapest auctions possible. Best way to get RIO fast and into profit.

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