Cancelling Bowl Games Has a Ripple Down Effect on Amateur Athletes

Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington wish more was being done to salvage Bowl Games which are often the last opportunity for young men to play the game they love. They also discuss how the last two years have had a ripple down effect all the way down to high schoolers looking to participate in college athletics.

Jonas Knox: “I feel bad for the guys who aren’t getting an opportunity to play ever again. That’s a majority of these guys who aren’t going to be NFL players. They’re going to live a different life. This is it for them. Last year was a disaster for so many people involved. Some guys opted to come back and wanna be a part of it because they don’t want to go out like that, and yet here we are again. Bowl Games are getting cancelled when it feels like there are solutions that can be figured out and nobody is willing to do it. It’s too easy to bail so they’re just going to bail. It sucks. I feel bad for those guys.”

Brady Quinn: “I’m 100% with you. We lose sight a little bit of that, and I know it doesn’t seem significant to everyone on the outside, but they also don’t understand all the hard work, and effort, and sacrifices these guys have put it to wanna have one last chance to do it before they move on to whatever that next step is… You kind of forget take for granted how much the game means to those people. At some point you have to let these young men decide for themselves. Stop making decisions for them.”

LaVar Arrington: “You made it through the season and now all of a sudden, let’s hit the panic button… The ripple down effect is you have kids that aren’t even going to play college ball at all or they may go to a smaller school than what they were anticipating or had the opportunity to go to because of everything that has been disrupted, and the flow of outgoing and incoming talent.”