How to Earn Solana on PC in 2021! Crypto Mining Setup Tutorial!

Referal Code: “66pa-za5r” Hey, guys, my name is Scoby Tech and in today’s video, I am going to be showing you how to mine Solana coin on your PC in 2021!


  1. My hash rate is around 300h (Not MH) Can you suggest PC spec to me. I study some websites Graphic Display cards can't use for Solana. (I'm beginner)

  2. Hey Scoby, great videos, just a quick one, I am completely new so excuse the (noob) question. It states you can only pay out at 0.15, but what if you have mined for 12 hours and have to turn the computer off or power cut, where does all that previous mining go? Is it lost or does it just resume each time you start mining until you get to that number? Thanks in Advance

  3. Hey Scoby, i tried on my working pc and has worked, lol, i used your referral code, at the moment my hashrate is around 400h, but obviously is a older pc and i just use for work, anyway is interesting because we can use the app and just mine and get back any cryptocurrency we want (next step, get a gaming pc to at least have 30Mh and mine for sol or usdt or doge, THANK YOU a LOT!!!!

  4. Tnx a lot mate. I appreciate your channel
    I have tried this method but failed maybe I missed something. On my Laptop I selected the CPU mining option so the thing is in can see the hashrate changing here and there but my. Balance don't change even after multiple times of refreshing.

  5. Energie/Balance mining with a rtx 3090 Msi surpim worth it or to much engerie cost in germany …? Thank you for this great Video! Subcribe to your channel ,thumps up!

  6. ty for this guide
    I installed this one, cant even uninstall it now.
    I tried light from high, PC is still slow

    Im trying to post in their FB group but the admin wont let me post about this issue

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