How To Setup Windows for Crypto Mining

In this video I share how to setup windows for cryptocurrency mining. I share how to set up Windows for Auto-Login and have the Mining Software start at Login.


  1. @Red Fox Crypto man, this video saved me so much time! I had issue when adding more that 4 GPUs to my ASRock H510 BTC-Pro rig, even when the motherboard supports up to 7 GPUs (Riser port included). The issue was that the virtual memory needed to be manually set as my GPUs are all the same model and all have 12GB of VRAM memory. I now have the issues resolved after I following your formula (a * n) + b, having set a=GPUs' VRAM GBs, b=4GBs Extra, n=amounts GPUs. Thanks so much and keep the great work doing more great mining videos.

  2. Great video. I must be missing something. If you don't activate windows (buy a license for $199) you can only use a PIN for logging in and Not a password. So is the version in the video activated?

  3. Hi, thank you. What driver should we use for lhr card? The lasted ? I have 2*3060ti lhr cards on the windows system as I followed your video about it I have to set 8go ram *2 so 16000 megabytes + 4000? For mining eth. Thank you very much for your help

  4. Hello, thanks for the video very useful! i had a problem after to follow your process at the end when i start i got this message in the CMD : "command not found. t-rex.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command" what can i do? thanks in advance

  5. Hey Mike, can you tell me how to setup a command line on the batch file for overclocks on different gpus? I have 2×3070 and 2×3080, appreciate if you could help!

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