Solar Powered Crypto Mining: Making free money with sunshine!

Crypto Miners and Air conditioners used in the video (affiliate links): ASIC S19 Antminer: High Efficiency GPU Mining Rig Parts list: GPU …


  1. I will NEVER move to Washington. I am buying a property there. I'm not leaving Vegas. I'm buying multiple houses, and keeping them all. I am using it to make money, and that's it.

    I also tuned the gpus which took twenty minutes and they are running much cooler and using less power.

    And of course, I'm mining other coins with the gpus and converting to btc. I figured that was implied.

    I am also paying $400K+ in taxes this year, so this mining income is a joke. I will declare every crypto that I mine and invest in so I do not get jailed. I have a bookeeper and cpa that see all of my accounts.

    This video is NOT here to convince you whether or not you should hold or mine any cryptocurrency. I will only talk about how you can do it with solar. There are obvious risks, and you can lose everything. Or you can make huge gains. Do your research. Everyone has their own opinion on this stuff.

  2. I have a mining rig running roughly 1500w I want to setup a hybrid inverter system with solar power and batteries , could you advise me on decent hybrid inverter and how many solar panels also batteries , just a rough detail , I’m thinking of setting this up soon , as Australia electricity is so expensive but we have a lot of sun lol

    Thanks mate awesome videos


  3. why did I not subscribed to this channel back then which I've seen DIY batteries and van videos. This channel covers most of my current interests.

  4. It would be interesting to see what it would cost to build/install a ground to air heat exchanger system for cooling the miners and how that would compare to all the minisplits and what the payoff period would be like…

  5. Not sure if you already have it but would you make a video making a 30-40kwh battery for a decent price? Personally i need a 48v one for our off-grid homestead 😀

  6. Thanks for the video. Please Be careful with taxes. I'm not a tax expert but many have mentioned that when you mine any crypto that is considered personal income. You have you pay taxes on the crypto you mine. If you sell the crypto for a gain than that will either be short term or long term capital gains. It depends if you hold the crypto currency for more than a year. You don't want the IRS to audit you.

  7. If I don’t want a grid tie system (in my country it’s very not economically-smart) what is the best option for exclusively-solar-powered ASIC MINING? I’m planning to purchase a solar set up with your awesome website’s help, but Not so experienced in electricity. Which set up will suit me best? I have a roof which is capable of producing similar amounts of energy as your roof, maybe even more. Whats the best option for me battery-wise, and all other components-wise? Considering the high voltage and usage of ASIC MINERS
    Thanks a lot for your help!
    Love your videos!

  8. I have open loop Geothermal HVAC that also has heat scavenging for hot water. Water is sourced from a well so it is a free resource other than the electricity to pump it out of the ground and the output goes to our pond to keep it topped up with fresh water. I had been thinking how to to tie in a water cooled circuit to Crypto Miners instead of using air cooling which is very noisy. Water cooling has much better thermal heat transfer and will be much quieter. Probably need some level of fan use to keep condensation from happening. Has anyone tried this type of setup?

  9. I recall watching a British youtuber that used miners as the "battery" in his grid tie solar system. Interesting concept. Though cooling costs and market crypto price would have a lot to do with it.

  10. Wow you have enough solar to charge that Telsa car and all those Ac and those machines without Big Oil! Good job. How many panels would one need to power up all that stuff anyway so they can say they are saving the planet ?

  11. Hey Will,
    Maybe it’s me but I got the feeling that you assumed that anyone that is doing a dyi project such as yours doesn’t need to watch how it’s done on YouTube. I disagree. I’m a carpenter and don’t deal with wires etc. When I was building an RV and went solar, I watched a ton of YouTubers installing theirs and explaining the various components. It was all an alien language to me as were the components. I had a better clue on what to expect with the whole process thanks to youtubers including yourself. I’m pretty much a solar geek and have helped friends add solar to their shops , chicken coops etc etc.
    With that said , I watched this whole video on crypto mining and have no clue what it is in my world but understand it’s a thing. When I see Crypto ATM machines in bodegas in the Bronx the whole thing becomes tangible albeit still not understandable to me.

  12. 0:27 Pulling 3000W continuous??? So it's like a 3kW heat source in your house that fights against your air-conditioning??? It could heat your house in Winter, but in summer keep it in a ventilated shed.

  13. I looking at getting a Growatt MIN 4200 TL-XE Single Phase Solar PV Inverter 2 MPPT for a 3.69 kW solar array (9 panels at 410W each). If I had 2 strings with one string having 4 panels (150.4Vmp) and the other having 5 (188 Vmp), would I lose the wattage from that additional 5th panel of that string or do the 2 mppt scale it so that I still utilise the whole solar array wattage. Great vid btw.

  14. I am going to buy a Class A used motorhome. once I buy it and do what is nessasary to live in it full time I will be out of money, so I need to find good solutions, but on a budget. I would like to do a lot of boondocking and I would need to run air conditioning at night. I know there are 100 amp lithiom batteries for around $250.00 and I propably need 4 ? what might the rest of the system cost? are there good dependable kits at a low price?

  15. You should know mining crypto is a taxable event and you owe the crypto value at time of payout. If you sale any increase in value is treated as a gain and any reduction as a loss

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