The Second Token Listing Website for All Cryptocurrency Projects

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Our initial token, RC1, which serves as the foundation for the Reward Cycle ecosystem, was released on October 30th, 2021 after a successful private and Pinksale. After the first token’s release, the market value increased to 2.2 million in the first five days.

Reward Cycle 2 Presale is on Pinksale, January 2nd, 2022. Only RC1 Token holders are allowed to participate in the Whitelist Presale for Rc2. To be eligible for early access to the Rc2 presale, you must hold a minimum of 1 million RC1 Tokens.

The Rc2 token includes a use-case and a website listing for every cryptocurrency project’s endeavors. On December 18th, the RC communities picked the stable token above other competing currencies and BSUD is the 5% incentive for the Rc2 contract.

Rc2 will include tier systems, similar to RC1, and you’ll be able to utilize several services. To earn a discount, everybody utilizing our Launchpad must have RC1 tokens.

Like coindiscovery and, RC2 is a utility website. To utilize our RC2 platform for our services, you need both RC1 and Rc2 to enjoy the discount.

  • Tier 1: Size of holding for each degree of engagement. First-tier holders enjoy a 25% discount on all of our services if they possess 3 million tokens.
  • Tier 2: 2nd Tier offers a 20% discount when you own 2 million tokens.
  • Tier 3: 3rd tier requires half a million tokens to gain a 10% discount on our services

(Half a million RC Tokens is the minimum purchase. There is no maximum purchasing restriction) 

Here are strategies to obtain Presale Whitelisting

A. Place in the top 200 in the whitelist competition.

B. Purchase over 1 million Rc1 Tokens to be included in the auto whitelist.

C. Take part in contests on RC’s official social media groups. 

The Rc2 Tokenomics:




  • TOTAL TAX= 16%
  • Reward Token 1: RC1 3%
  • Reward Token 2: BUSD 5%
  • Marketing wallet: 4%
  • Dev wallet: 1%
  • Liquidity: 3%

Reward Cycle delivered on the promises we’d set out to accomplish since the initial ecosystem token launch and will continue to help our investors look towards great future projects. 

What’s’ the Token Utilities for Rc1 and after Rc2 Presale? 

Rc2, a utility token listing website for all cryptocurrency projects, is the second token released in the RC ecosystem by our doxxed developer. Our is a voting platform website and utility for the Rc2 token.

Our Rc2 website’s objective and use-case are to generate revenue for the utility Launchpad, Rc1.

The Rc1 token has a use-case and a Launchpad to help new cryptocurrency projects get started.


The Rc2 token has a use-case and a website listing for all cryptocurrency project initiatives. 

If you own Rc1, you are not required to buy Rc2 if you cannot afford the presale. Nonetheless, Rc1 will gain from buybacks/burn, and the projects that will debut on the Launchpad will reduce Rc1’s supply. 

Which RC utilities services are available after Presale?

RC1, the token utility Launchpad, will profit since Rc2 will create revenue and new consumers for RC1.

In this video, the RC1 Launchpad completed the Mainnet stages.

When creating a presale using our Launchpad tool, project owners who acquire RC1 tokens at a discounted rate will earn lower costs for the services.

The developer’s team was timely and professional in their engineering allowing the project to be completed ahead of schedule. Our dev and team are rewarded with the great milestones completed daily by all parties.

Rc1 Launchpad features services:

      A.      Presale Setup (Premium Services)

      B.      AMA’s

      C.      Know Your Customer Doxxing (KYC)

      D.      Contract Vetting Services

      E.       Contract Development Services

      F.       Advertisement Section

As previously stated, Rc2 has a direct influence on the Rc1 token’s market capitalization.

We are delighted to offer The RCLaunch Dapp

Our Reward Cycle team has been working hard to bring helpful applications and dapps to RC holders. You can do the following with our New RCLaunch Dapp:

  1. Connect RC Wallet
  2. Keep track of your total Rc1 rewards.
  3. Collect Your Rewards
  4. Keep track of your total USDT rewards (USD 232K to date).
  5. Monitor Rc1 and Rc2 Balances
  6. Monitor Current BNB Prices
  7. Keep track of your BUSD rewards

Highlights include:

The dapp displays the pending balance for your rewards.

The dapp allows you to keep track of your accumulated rewards since your last transaction.

Where can you purchase RC before the Rc2 Presale on Jan, 2nd, 2022? 

RC1 is tradable on Pancakeswap and other trusted partners such as Poocoin and Dextools.

RC is available for trading on our exchange, RC/USDT trading:

Follow RC at: