What to mine after Ethereum goes PoS (ETH 2.0) 3 mining strategies and 3 things NOT to do!

In this video I talk about what to mine after Ethereum goes to Proof of Stake and is no longer mineable. When considering what to mine after ETH 2.0 we first …


  1. BONUS MINING STRATEGY FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO GO DOWN INTO THE COMMENTS: you can of course just choose one of the more established coins (like ETC or RVN) and commit to mining that coin. You can then either sell it instantly to lock in your profits or hold it and wait for the price to go up. Wanna watch more stuff? Here's a video of my experience mining Ravencoin: https://youtu.be/uz2dMdflNQ8 and here's a video of me building that Ravencoin mining rig: https://youtu.be/TUtr9S4b2T4 and finally here's a video on how to mine ERGO: https://youtu.be/WWyfv43uBQg

  2. here is what is going to happen,
    Chunk of hashpower goes offline thats all the asics and home miners interested only in eth. i would say about 30%. maybe even more, its hard to tell how many home miners will give up. Some ASIC will move to other ethash coins.
    the rest will move on the biggest coins (no matter the profits) like RVN and others. There also will be push on ETC( even that its pretty dead coin)

  3. "don't quit mining" Dude! I started mining bitcoin on my cell back when we first got both bitcoin and smartphones. My droid would mine all night while plugged in and get so hot. Now I'm not even sure where that phone is and wondering why I didn't go mine for real since day one when I started. Oh well, started again last year using old pc few months down the road that mined enough to get a second card. A year later we are finally blasting off.

  4. The problem I have, I've just got into mining with my gaming PC. GPUs are expensive and to add more even second hand ones it would take 15-18 months to get my initial investment back. I'm waiting to see what happens with Eth 2.0 and just use my pc. Electric prices in UK have also shot up 🤷🏻‍♂️😔

  5. hi there, I have a question, I wanna build a rig, and I want to know what graphic card should I use, I can use 3 * GTX 1660 super, 3 * RX 6600 XT, or 2 * RX 5700 XT. which combination should I go? Tnx

  6. What do you think about Vitalik’s “endgame” report? Did he mean there will be a market for block producers aka miners (if im not wrong)?

  7. Love your videos. I'm not sure why your strategy three would be more efficient than just mining what is the most profitable and then immediately buying the coin you want to speculate. Seems like always mining the most profitable is the best and then decide how you wan to use the profits.

  8. Thanks Seb for the awesome content!! I really appreciate the work and effort you put into your videos!! I assume we are all do mining for the love of technology perspective.. the rest is just icing on the cake lol 😊

  9. New to this so pardon me if the question is way off base. With the miners switching to other coins is it a reasonable guess that the prices of the other coins would increase proportional with the increase in miners?

  10. Question: When etherium is gone we are going to be mining other cryptos. When we mine other cryptos will we need better system specs such as better ram and cpu power? Planning on investing a rig but I also would like to future prove it! Thanks a lot, loving these kinds of video!

  11. OK so lets say that Ethereum profit drops in half and at the same time you go buy the cards for half of what they are now. You can still enter the market and gain the same profit per card. Also miners will still keep mining and use the same electricity as they do now, maybe even far more. Saving the environment??

  12. Hello I'm newbie on mining just build my own mining with Msi 1060s x12 cards that I spent all my entire money. Would it still mining after eth gone? Cus I spent all of my money into it 😩. Would you recommend me something if that happens. Thank you best regards! Love your videos good explanation!

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