Crypto Mining Guide – How To Mine Crypto Coins On Android TV Box

A simple video showing you the entire process to get started mining on your Android tv box. In this detailed video guide I’ll show you how to install Linux and …


  1. When I clicked Start, in Linux Deploy and it goes through all the downloads and installations of the kernel. I get errors at the end when it comes to starting ssh. Any suggestions? After I click Start, next line would be checking file system ….skip. Then mounting the container and for /, proc, sys, dev, dev/shm dev/pts ALL replied Skip. Starting core/emulator….skip And finally starting extra/ssh….fail Any solutions?

  2. Great video! Thanks! Just wanted to point out, at 250-300 hash rate thats $6 monthly or approx .20 cents a day. And the average cost of a tv box is 35 watts a day or approx $8 a month. Also, you would need to mine for years just to withdraw that coin into a wallet or meet your pools pay out.

  3. Ah ha! Brilliant! This gives me an excuse to fabricate a teeny tiny AIO liquid cooler! Lol already had most of what I need which is basic trash… until now 😀 i love an excuse to franken-fab some crazy hardware mods

  4. How do i make the smart pv cpu mine? Cant i get a file from the pc via usb to enable it on my tvs…i have 3 tvs i want them to mine for me…+4 more tvboxes android too..but its not the same as yours…and i want to know if i can just upload the file and enable it to this box too? Without all this prosses on the box i would like to "make it ready" on my pc and transfer it …??? Tanx in edvance

  5. This video provided some very useful data, so thank you very much. I am really looking forward to more videos like this.

    If I decide to follow your guide, I'll write up the instructions and put them up on a blog post in the future. Some people might prefer to print out these instructions.

    So on average, you're getting a hashrate of 300 at 6.2W. Let's compare that to an AMD Ryzen 7 1700. The Ryzen (apparently) has a TDP of 65W. Reported hashrates for that CPU are up to 2600.

    Have a look at the second link in the first post of this thread for where I got my data:

    Having ten of the Android boxes will consume 62W of power and provide a hashrate of 3000. The Ryzen CPU itself seems to cost more than ten Andoid boxes and has a lower hashrate. The advantage of having ten Android boxes is that if one malfunctions, you still have nine running. But, it will be easier to resell the Ryzen system if you have to.

    Judging from your previous video, it's also better value to buy ten cheap Samsung S6's than a Ryzen system. I think more research is in order. 🙂

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