CRYPTO MINING RIG – செஞ்சாச்சி | Mining Rig GPU Setup | Mining Rig Ep #2

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  1. you CAN mine using lhr cards, people have been constantly increasing the locks placed. Currently it's 70% efficiency, it was originally 50% so lhr won't really stop one from losing a lot on profits

  2. 3 major mistakes in my opinion:
    1. Don't use sata cables to power the risers or GPU (Raisers need 75W and Sata can only deliver 54W)
    2. Don't use high end mother boards or processors unless you are gonna do cpu mining (This is only waste of money). Don't use ryzen, go for athlon
    3. Always use a 80+ Gold PSU with maximum pcie connections. With that you will be able to power the raisers with pcie splitters (If possible use server PSU)

    Edit PS: If you connect three raisers with one sata extention, you are going to burn down your rig in the near future

  3. Bro laptop upgrades and best high performance Ram modules pathi video podunga bro…
    I'm too searching for those content… but there is non of it in tamil

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