Crypto Trading for Beginners in Tamil | Cryptocurrency Day Trading | No Skills Required.

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  1. we cannot predicit Bro..sometimes evenafter crossing bollingerbands lower increases, but then comes onceagain down..we must have a look at the volume! ..aftercrossing, we should wait for the next greencandle backed by higher volume..then its a increases:-) thats the buy signal

  2. thayavu senju idha mattum eh vachu trade pannadhinga friends, yennoda experience la soldren, first uh knowledge ah valarthukonga, ipdi simple ah trade panni sambathikalam na evlo per eppovo earn pannirupangalae..😂 please indha maari videos ah paathu valaila vilundhuradhinga nanbargale. Neenga wazirx la trade panna sollumbothe therinjuruchu neega evlo naala crypto field la irrukinga nu. 😂 Ipdi lam video pota nalla views poguthu ana project ah review panna oru paya paaka maatra. Please don't misguide people like this

  3. Hi, Hello, simple and contented. One point I could not see, if we use WRX, they trading is less 50% ? pls explain on this. Also pls explain if there any risk trading USDT/INR? and what is average fluctuation happens ?

  4. I am beginner

    Bro epam na morning oru 10am iku coin buy panren vainga
    Na marathtu oru night 9pm or nxt day sale Pana ena avum konja solunga

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