Gary Gensler on cryptocurrency landscape and growth in digital trading platforms (Full Stream 9/21)

Gary Gensler, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chair, is one of the world’s most powerful financial regulators and a key player in the push by the …


  1. 26:00 – 5000 – 6000 "Projects" are securities. This means in my understanding all Layer 1 and all known ERC-20 Tokens (which are on Uni/Pancake/Sushi… Swap). I watched the whole course from MIT and i have to say, i did not expect that statement. Also, stable coins are no good (casino coins/wild west) and only one currency policy (1830-1860 has proven this). Hmm, his course received such good reviews and comments but maybe he was only a good moderator and did not share the opinions from the students at all.

  2. Does anyone else find Gary's repeated comment that pvt money or currencies typically don't last very long. Seems fiat currencies avg +/- 100yrs. Let's see did the US $ become a fiat in 1913 or was it 1971? Either way seems BTC could very well outlast US $

  3. So earlier people used to prepare, consume and sell Liquors but then Govt. entered banning it and started selling for the people.. This is what legalisation you guys looking for .. If you are so concerned and honest why there is Fiat currency crisis .. The Crime nixon did then is still going on and so you must correct that on priority and move to cryptos..

  4. A great thinker understands that GPA isn't a solo path to enrichment, once one finds time to study philosophy.

  5. Spills in isle 3 happen even when things are regulated. Hes not trying to get a head of it, hes trying to keep the corrupt in power and not give power to the people.

  6. "During his tenure in the Clinton administration as an undersecretary of the Treasury, Gensler and other administration officials had resisted efforts to regulate derivatives, which later contributed to the financial crisis."

  7. I really look forward to good crypto coverage and journalism from major news sources. When that arrives it will be a great benefit to Americans interested in learning the pertinent information about crypto.

  8. Mrs Jane is very calm and ready to teach anyone how to trade and my advice for everyone is to invest on Bitcoin especially now that Bitcoin is on bearish run✅

  9. Putting our trust in the banks has proven in history to be a bad idea. Digitized currency and crypto are the decentralized solutions to these problems but the banks don’t want to move aside or even join the transition. They just want to continue to keep us poor and control the world

  10. “Cryptocurrency is a highly speculative asset class”

    Tell me an asset class that’s not speculative 🤨

    Even government bonds (look at Greek) are speculative and risky, so don’t use risk as an excuse to get your hand in a new financial system that shouldn’t be controlled by the government.

    Can any Republican friends here tell me what the GOP is thinking? They seem to favor crypto crack down even though they claim that they oppose big government ☹️

  11. The private sector Banksters spotted the XRP trogon horse early and sent in this guy to try kill it hence his plea for more power and combining of government agencies with him in charge of course. Pure Vermin.


  13. Ppl, Gensler is SEC chair. He does not oversee banks. That is the Federal Reserve. Just because Bitcoin has success does not mean 12,000 Altcoins can do what they please. Most are not decentralized and there are some that are fraudulent. That hurts the whole crypto space.

  14. 🗣Garyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you tell them you met up with Jay Clayton a day prior to the Filing of the Ripple/Xrp Lawsuit 🦻🏾

  15. The Tokens aren't money Gazza but like any other company they are shares. What we pay to buy and sell these tokens into and out of Fiat currency is called money. Everything else is irrelevant unless your scared its going to shut down the Fiat currency. Are you? Scared? P.S. We are a little past the Wild West days. Wish you would stop relating to it.


    We are far from "protecting" our USD. Join your PASSION. Your students know our past and future.

  17. I work in a bank and when fraud and missing transactions happen it usually takes more than a month to investigate where the funds went and to figure out what happened. In crypto transactions are more secure due to the level of security of encryption. If you expose bank ledgers within one hour that bank would not survive hacks.

  18. New to crypto, but shouldn't you clarify to everyone WHAT the guidelines are they need to follow instead of run around and cry wolf?

    Give actual definitions for regulations, I am sure the majority of company's will adapt to what's necessary to remain being a legitimate business. Given current circumstances with coin base it doesn't even seem like the SEC has any idea what its doing.

    Although I am new I have never ever seen any business or even white paper that promises profit. I have seen the opposite though saying it is risky and has no value.

    I have also been investing into stocks and would currently rather you focus on stocks and fix that first, more transparency etc… if you cant even regulate stock market and trading properly how do you hope to do both?

  19. Protect the investors from JP Morgan magically dumping imaginary precious metals on the market. Protect the investors from 401k and like minded investments that take 10 days to liquidate move transfer when the whole stock market is 75% propped up with the Fed, black rock, yield curve control, a debt ceiling that probably won't last 5 years… How many investors are asking for help!!!?? Those would be some statistics… When investors do complain they complain about Coinbase locking up when it is critical to sell. Investors are sick of Eth fees so it is now going proof of stake, dinner of the leveraged and front running is being worked on. The middle class is being regulated out of existence but instead of fixing why all these people are in crypto to begin with the government wants to prove how incompetent it can be in every dimension possible. Your uninvited.

  20. To be fair, I think Gensler is being very equable with regards to the relative benefits and harms of digital assets. To me, the PROBLEM with this interview is David Ignatius, leading with HEAVILY BIASED questioning.
    Third question: "What can you do with the authority you have, and what would you like to do?"
    Fourth question: "Would you like additional congressional authority to regulate in this sphere?"
    Fifth question: :The securities laws were painted with a broad brush. Do you need additional Congressional authorization to bring these under regulation?"
    Sixth question: "The appeal of these new instruments is precisely that they are not mediated by banks, and are outside of traditional regulation, that is part of why they have arisen. If you institute the regime, wouldn’t people would find new ways to escape scrutiny?"
    I'm sorry, this is just INCOMPETENT. Do your research, you're a journalist.

  21. People like Gary exposing themselves..
    It’s free will,,
    I made way more money investing in crypto,,than I ever did banking for only a 0.5 apy smh‼️

  22. This guy is backing the banks. Banks are killing America and the whole effing world. Who TF is this guy? He doesn't care for anyone but himself. F the banks and the system that runs it helps promoting the destruction of communities in America. Banks do not help, We need a banking revolution.

  23. Three years is too long for American investors to wait for Chinese stocks to be held to the same accounting oversight as American stocks! Chinese companies with stocks listed on American exchanges are essentially all committing accounting fraud right now.

  24. "History tells us private forms of money don't last long"… History also tells you the dollar is going to shit. No plan for that though, is there? Social security? Gone. That was basically a failed Ponzi scheme for boomers. All that regulation will do is stifle innovation and deny Americans the opportunity to fight against inflation through investment. This guy SUCKS.

  25. SEC in the pocket of banks not hard to see but investing make up the top notch hemisphere of the wealth, thats the more reason one should save and invest to secure profit and ensure success

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