Robinhood Crypto Review – Start Trading Cryptocurrency Today!

Robinhood Crypto trading is now live on the Robinhood app! In today’s Robinhood Crypto review I show you how to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on the …


  1. Thank you so much for showing it clearly like this, perfect explanation live video, other people are so bad at explaining it. You are great 👍

  2. So if Robin hood cryptocurrency goes to $100.00 that means $50.00 will be worth $2000,000
    At current price of .251
    Lets see what happens on May 20th

  3. Robinhood doesn't offer the keys or addresses to your bitcoin ……EVERYONE PLEASE READ THE TERMS & CONDITION THOROUGHLY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE REALLY BUYING. ROBINHOOD DOES NOT SELL BITCOIN NOR ETHEREUM ONLY THE VALUE THEY PROMISE TO PAY YOU. Thats why you can't extract your crypto off the Robinhood app.

  4. Hey! I’m aware that I’m leaving a comment on an old video, but this is the first time I’ve seen it…..and I like it. Very informative. I just started with Robinhood today, I mean it, today. I got the app some time ago, but even then, I didn’t know about the crypto investment then, so I look forward to the future…..peace

  5. a new innovative project is emerging to the crypto world, TOKOIN a blockchain project that centers on improving MSMEs…check out the project guys…i promise u wont regret it.

  6. I have a question I deeply need an answer to: When investing in crypto, depending on how much money you put in, will there be a greater amount of change? For instance, $10 vs $100?

  7. It’s my first day investing in Robinhood so I’m new to this I have $5 in my portfolio which I heard that it’s good to start low I’m just struggling to find a good stock

  8. Robinhood launched cryptocurrency in NY last week but I'm still getting " your almost there , we'll let you know " message when trying to invest .

  9. I 've just gained access to Robinhood Crypto (NY), though my concerns are related to Mobile Wallets. I understand that at this time there is no interconnectivity to the more security format of a Crypto Wallet (Cold, Hard or even paper) what safeguards have Robinhood put in place to secure your crypto? Has Robinhood bypassed the need for Personal/Private Keys?

  10. every time I click on ok your ready to invest in crypto….i click and then it says " your almost there we'll let you know when you can invest in cryptocurrency"
    how long does it usually take I've been waiting about 4 days and I'm from NY, is it allowed ?

  11. Thanks for the tips!!! By the way, there's a great opportunity for everyone to share such things in one app, get help when it's needed. You also can trade fairly and safe! Download CrypTalk and check this out! @t

  12. I tried this and then when I transferred $50 just to try it. EEHHHHH! We're sorry, but we're not available for you to buy bitcoin in your state. Share this app so that others can't buy either! lol Sucks. I hate the laws for bitcoin in this state

  13. So you were able to buy a fraction of the 10k dollar share? I though Robin hood only allows you to buy a complete share at a time?

  14. My question do you get your money back in my account at the bank?
    There is no place to sell your Bitcoin back to Fiat in order to transfer back to the bank.
    I am very frustrated with Robinhood because they have had my money for over a month now and say I can not withdraw any amount at all.

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