The best ZK-Rollup altcoins to buy today

Finding the perfect scalability solution for Ethereum has always been a huge challenge. But over the past year there has been some buzz about ZK-Rollups’ use. In fact, at times, ZK-Rollups have been touted as the best scalability solution for Ethereum and have already been adopted by several protocols. So what is it and how can you invest in these technologies? First, a few highlights:

  • Zero-Knowledge Rollups (ZK-Rollups) is a series of smart contracts that use off-chain calculations before resubmitting them on-chain for validation.

  • Smart contracts simply bundle a large number of transactions into one and calculate them in large chunks.

  • Several protocols have already adopted ZK-Rollups, in particular Loop (LRC) which reached historic heights thereafter.

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It’s obvious now that ZK-Rollups are going to be huge and as such we wanted to give you below a list of altcoins you can invest in to take advantage of this technology:

The Mir protocol (MIR)

the Mir Protocol (MIR) is a scaling solution for Ethereum designed to use ZK roll ups. In fact, the project is developing additional ZK winding solutions. Last month, MIR was acquired by Polygon (MATIC) in a deal valued at around $ 400 million.

Polygon is already one of the cheapest channels on the market. The fact that he is tackling a ZK rollup project suggests that this could be a hot industry in the future.

zkSync Coin

zkSync is an upcoming ZK-roll-up project developed by Matter Labs. The plan is to issue a native ERC 20 token once the project is fully operational.

The platform has already received up to $ 50 million in Series B funding. While we have no date on the token’s availability, keep an eye out for that in 2022.