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dosto aaj hum baat karenge madam Nirmala Sitharaman ji ke ek interview ke baare main or 30% tax ke bare main bohat si bate is …


  1. Dude, 30% tax we are giving is on profit. Even though its very high atleast we can digest.. but 1% TDS is not senceble, if I  start with 1lac, do frequent trade and earn 500 profit from each buy/sell transaction also, indirectly 500 extra (1k TDS) will be paying as TDS. So after 200 transaction my amount will be 0 and do we expect to ask 1.7lac from government in ITR filing? Is this make any sense?

  2. govt ki gaand mai dum nahi i used binace wo bhi nahi chalta trust wallet mai daal deta 10 saal jail sai mat daro tax sai daro yai leagal ho nahi sakta tax 90% samall trader bhar hi ho jayenge ma chudwane gaya tax

  3. Indian ke naam karab karnewale strong bull team wale kaha he?
    Ek tweet nahi
    Team work nahi
    Kuch tho update dedho
    Kapil bhai,
    Kyonki aapne hi zyada tharif kiya tha
    Aapka baravase pe Buy kiya
    Abi aap bi kuch reply nahi dera he kyon?
    Strong bull
    Ke admin ko poocho kaha jakh marareho


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