5 Min Vwap Scalping Strategy For Cryptocurrency Trading

Vwap Scalping Strategy For Cryptocurrency Trading Watch out for scammers Pretending to be me in the comments section!


  1. I'm going through a lot of your scalping videos tonight.
    They look great now to test them 😁. Wish me luck 😅.
    I will be back with feedback 🏃🏃

  2. Hi Jaxo! I just found your channel and it's absolutely great. I have a question after seeing the other video with vwap and ema.

    Which are the main differences (results, timeframe) between:

    1.- vwap with bands + 200 ema


    2.- vwap + 600 ema + divergences.

    Thanks for the great content!

  3. Hey Jaxo thank u very much for ur scalping Videos <3 can i ask which scalping-trategy u prefer or can u make a video of ur favorite strategys?

    Best wishes

  4. Jaxo! Jaxo! I’m your big fan man!

    Honestly, I have to thank you for putting the effort to show us the ropes with your strategies. I usually use the VWAP and 200EMA technique I learned from Emperor BTC’s guide, but you’ve explained it better for me and I’m more confident trying it out the way you described it now.

    Even though I work full time, scalping is my favorite trading pattern as I love going in and out of the market quickly.

    Man, you don’t know what you do for me for real! I wish to be a full time trader just like you.
    I appreciate you! 🙏🏽

  5. Yay, more scalping 😀 VWAP is dependent on your location settings as it resets at 12 PM and PM iirc. As crypto isn't session based like the stock market and such, how does that figure? … or do you just use it as a measure for "your" day re discount / buying for longs on the bottom band? Also, time frame for this in your experience?

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