Best Crypto Scalping Strategy for the 5 Min Time Frame

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  1. question:
    when you make each seperate trade (say 1 out of 5 trades each day),
    Do you trade with $100 each trade? or all of your acumulated winnings each trade?
    please someone answer

  2. I’m in…..

    Plus please please make a live stream sound strat for like three trades.. better than back test…. Thanks a lot

  3. why can't you just use the limit order instead of the market order. You input your stop loss and profit in the limit order and places your order in on go.

  4. Why my macd histogram is looking completely differente with same settings? You have got only like "single" candles, but when i backtest on tradingview all i see is "smooth" histogram with no single candles like yours. What am i doing wrong?

    Funniest thing is when i look back at histogram it looks the same as yours, but when i skip back to this part it creates completely different looking histogram. Something is off with this.

    I assume MACD 1m doesnt work when u press play being back in time on chart.

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