Cryptocurrency Fear & Greed Index Trading Strategy with Python

Hi everyone, in this video we are pulling the Fear & Greed index via API. Then formulate a simple Trading strategy using the Index …


  1. Thank you!
    How could I change read in parameters for plt to showcase wanted time period. What I mean is that the result would be last 30 days or so.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi , the source code in the video, are they available for Tier-2 Channel members? Find the idea of using greed and fear quite interesting, would love to get the code to test it a bit, thanks a lot

  3. Could you show us how you put a EMA line in a bot ?
    I have been trying to put a EMA 200 line in my bot as one of the if conditions to open a bot.
    It would be in the line of "if close price crosses above EMA 200 line, buy"
    It would help me out a lot, I cant find anything

  4. You come up with very nice videos and since you type in the code rather than copy paste, it becomes more engrossing. Recently you seem to have been focussing on crypto. Please don't neglect stocks 🙂

  5. Great!

    I've only been a fan for a few weeks, and you changed my whole outlook! Your clear and precise explanations, your ideas, and the way you implement them so easily in Python have shed a lot of light in the long dark tunnel where I have been for so long :-))))) So just: THANK YOU !!

    1. I keep all your buying strategies handy, and for selling I apply the following rule: SL at x% of my buy price, then a trailing stop at y%.

    2. I am looking for an algorithm on the Volume: DeltaVolume for 1m gives peak values ​​10, 100 (and sometimes more) higher just before a nice climb (example GALA tonight on 03.13.2022 from 0:30 to 2:45) … you may have already covered this topic? What do you think ?

    3. Would it be possible to make a video with Binance Future? and adaptation of a lever for example when switching to BreakHeaven?

    4. I saw that you have a private channel… what are the possibilities and advantages of being a member?

    5. …. lots of things in your head with each new video … so again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU … and keep it up, you're on TOP 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for wonderful technique.
    Could you make another contents regarding real-time arbitrage trading between Binance and MEXC by using web-socket?
    And could you make auto trading of Future on Binance and MEXC?

  7. Possibly a little confused. Wouldn’t you need to take the cumulative return and include the day after the price drops below 50 to simulate selling (when backtesting, you wouldn’t know the price is going to drop below 50, so if you aren’t holding in these periods, you would have to account for the change of price here as you would be selling). Otherwise this strategy you performed looks more like Dollar Cost Averaging where you never sell, but only buy in at certain points. Hope my point/concern made sense. Not sure if it’s right, but figured I would say something .

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