DIY Immersion Cooling Crypto Mining S17

Short video showing an example of how to DIY an immersion cooling setup. ************ See UPDATED V2.0 of this setup, which …


  1. you have the fan in a configuration where it is pulling the heat away from the radiator. is that because its all against the wall?

  2. Are all miners water proof??
    You seem comfortable just immersing it directly into water with no other protection.
    OR, do I have to get certain GPU miners that are waterproof?
    How can I tell before I buy one?

  3. question pleas? 1. dose moisture gather around the wall of freezer and mixing with oil?
    2. dose freezer motor working hard so eventually burnt out? thanks

  4. not sure if you have those fans are still on the ASIC but you don't need them, they are not designed to move liquid and are less efficient that way

  5. I am writing to you from Venezuela, I want to submerge 6 S9 equipment, what capacity or radiator model would serve me and how many LPH recommends the pump, thank you very much.

  6. Excellent immersion, my question is , how much th / s can increase the mining of the machine with this system that keeps them below 60º

  7. I’m guessing you’re loosing more in wattage consumption than the increases in efficiencies. You could make some adjustments to make this more efficient and in return and positive ROI setup.

  8. How did you connect your 1-1/4 PVC pipes to the radiator in/outlet? I see some clamps – can you please share the connection details?

  9. That's a great setup. The only thing that's pulling me back from doing this is my poor knowledge on piping. Would it make any difference if you used Parker hydraulic hoses instead of these pipes? I hear they work great.

  10. Fantastic set up. How much money are you saving each month in electricity with this? Immersion cooling companies advertise up to 50% savings but I'm curious to see what it works out to be in real life. Thanks for your time and best of luck with your operations!

  11. I love your setup. Is it still working well? Have there been any hiccups along the way? I want to do a similar setup. Is there a way to put a filter in the flow somehow so incase any contaminants get it like dust they get removed?

  12. Great stuff. If I were to do this with 4 Avalon miners A1246 would the fans become an issue once they get submerged? Dont they automatically detect the spin rate and then switch off? I saw there is a hack for this with the Antminers but I couldnt find one for the Avalon miners.

  13. Will this work in hot climates ( 20c to 30c in winters) and (35c to 50c in summers + 90% humidity) ? How many of those radiators will be needed to cool 12 to 15 Whatsminers and how big should the freezer be? Flowrate of the pump and if radiators can be attached together to achieve the right cooling temperature for the Bitcool? How many watts are the radiator and the pump drawing? What are the temperatures of Bitcool for inbound and outbound?

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