Easy Crypto Mining on Gaming PC! Turn Your GPU Idle Time Into Cash – Norton Antivirus + Coinbase

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  1. this may be a dumb question but how do I put my pc at idle? Even when it's at sleep or just sitting on my login screen with nothing running, it is not always at idle according to the miner

  2. Who in their right mind would ever use norton, pretty much all standard operating systems have built in security systems. Norton is not only an absolute waste of money but it needlessly taxes your systems performance.

  3. Hey I have just got this but idk what pc Idle means, it’s been about 30 mins and I’ve closed all applications except Norton, but it’s not mining

  4. It works on my MSI-Stealth & Razer, both running GTX 1060's.
    However, it's not giving me the option on my Asus running GTX 1050. Not sure why since I have 12GB ram and 1.5TB storage.
    My hashrate fluctuates anywhere between 7MH/s to 40MH/s on the MSI, and 6.5MH/s to 34MH/s Razer.
    I'm running the MSI in sport mode…I won't do turbo.
    I've noticed that the combined (coincident) hashrate doesn't exceed 60MH/s.
    update I added a 3rd machine Asus Zephyr Rog running RTX 2060. Great hashrate. Now getting payout every 4 days averaging 0.005ETH.

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