How to SAFELY use multiple power supplies for crypto mining (4 ways!) 24-pin PSU splitters, Add2PSU

In this video I go over the 4 different ways of how to use multiple power supplies in one mining rig. Using 2 or more power supplies …


  1. Just a random question !!!

    With regards to the "on/off" switch on the back of each individual power supply… do they both stay in the ON position once plugged in? Do you have to power on the main power supply before powering on the secondary power supply? (E.G the order?) would there be any consequences if you powered on the secondary power supply, before the main power supply is on?

  2. But what if my mother board needs a specific psu so I would use the dual psu but I don’t have the 24 pin connection on my mother board so I would put the 24 pin into the adapter and use a sata cable? Can you show how to do that?

  3. This also works if I wanted to connect an additional psu for my day to day with windows? not only for mining, maybe for gaming too. And if it works, which of the two do you recommend? the splitter or the chip?

  4. can someone inform me, if it is okay to plug both my GPUS in my mother board then power my second GPU (only the GPU) with a different power supply? or do I need to purchase a riser?

  5. Very good information, you answered some basic questions that bothered me. I'm an electronic technician but don't know anything about mining. A couple of suggestions: If you make videos like this in the future, you keep referencing your first choice as a "chip"; however, that is a BOARD and not a chip. A chip implies an integrated circuit and the word chip comes from the actual silicon wafer ie, "chip" that is found on all IC's. So I would use the word circuit board and more correctly you should say relay board because that orange component on the board is a relay that once it is powered on or energized by the main power supply it closes the contacts in the relay that then signals the next power supply to power up. Also when you explain the need for keeping the power supplies separated at around the 13 and 14 minute mark, you mentioned that if one power supply fails and that certainly is a valid concern, but from an electronics perspective, there is always the possibility and I would say the likelihood that no two power supplies will generate the exact same voltage even though the label on the power supply says that it does. You may also notice a plus-minus percentage as well telling you that the voltage will likely not be exact. So the most important reason why we want to keep power supplies apart is so that they don't get into a situation where one voltage is higher than the other supplying the same graphics card. That is a real world and very frequently occurring design issue. Your stipulation to never mix power supplies is well-founded and I wholeheartedly support that. Thanks again! Great video, and of course I gave you a thumbs up.

  6. very very nice your just a hero i was looking for exaclty that information in the whole web but didnt find the full explanation but you nailed it
    keep going with your amazing tutorials 🤘💪👌

  7. The best video i have seen since I started mining one year ago. I got rid of my server PSU. It was very efficient, but way too loud and hot. I got ten rx5600xt gpus and got myself one RM650 and one RM750 for 100 Euros. Both are very quiet, the system is stable. Since the rx5600 runs on lower watts, I can use one cable to run two cards and two risers!

  8. The biggest question for me is: When you go from the start menu on your windows & Shut down your PC, does the auxiliary power supply shuts down as well ?

  9. Hey Seb, with the first and second options with the grounded connections, what type of cable/connections do you use to plug the first psu into the second psu?

  10. I know sata power sucks for risers, does it also apply for the add2psu method? Can I safely power my add2psu using a sata rather than a Molex without running into issues? Thanks

  11. Hello 🙂 How many of these cables are inside the EVGA PSU package or better questions how many GPU i can feed with the cables that are inside the PSU when i purchase it?
    Thank you :)))

  12. Thumbs up for you man !! Very nice explanation and useful information. The way you explain also is class ! Keep up the good work !!

  13. Thanks for explaining connecting multiGPUs in a rig in simple yet best way. I am from IT background and i really appreciate your way of connecting multiple GPUs for minig rig

  14. Hey! Thanks for the video! Do you know if some PSU (850w coolermaster mwe 80+ gold v2) dont work with this approach unless they are the primary (conected to motherboard) one? Thanks!

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