Impact Yadkin back in a big way

Crew members from ‘Nailed It’ work on a porch during Impact Yadkin 2022.

Kristian Russell

Over the past week, various parts of Yadkin County have been turned into construction sites. After a three year hiatus, Impact Yadkin came back to life in a big way. During the week of June 5 through June 10, youth age individuals dedicated their time to help numerous homeowners in Yadkin County. More than 1,000 volunteers came together to help make Impact Yadkin successful.

A wide variety of construction work took place all week. On Sugartown Road, crew members from ‘It’ll Buff’ helped build a ramp and a deck. Across town ‘Shore thing Martin’ also built a deck, while ‘Marty in the USA’ put in new flooring. Some crews were tasked with painting, while others put on new roofs. There was no shortage of projects to be completed this week by the volunteers.

In the Boonville area, one crew helped build a new deck for Vaun Hobson, who is the late wife of Hunter Safety instructor Carson Hobson. Vaun is a member of Richmond Hill Baptist Church, where she and Carson were members for over 20 years. Over the past week she has been blessed with a new back deck courtesy of Impact Yadkin.

“Carson would have loved this,” said Vaun Hobson. “I didn’t expect them to choose us. More or less I was floored by this. In the times that it is right now, for them to put this effort into this is awesome. I can’t ask for anything more, it is God-led which means a lot.”

The crew at the Hobson residence was dubbed ‘Russell’s Muscles’ after the crew leader, Keith Russell. It took the crew four days to tear down the old deck and build a safer and better deck. The crew was made up of several youth from Richmond Hill Baptist Church, along with four adults. Crew members ranged in ages 12 to 59, with the youngest being Jace Pendry who was participating in Impact Yadkin for the first time.

In several parks throughout the county, Impact Yadkin hosted Party in the Park for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Party in the Park brought together the younger youth for a fun time that included various activities and snacks. Party in the Park averaged more than 25 kids per day at each park.

Since 2011, Impact Yadkin has been making a difference in the communities of the county. The biannual event brings together people of all ages that volunteer their time to help improve the lives of local residents with home improvements and community outreach. The ministry is made up of the towns of Yadkinville, East Bend, Boonville and Fall Creek. It is a combination of local churches from different denominations, which all have the desire to improve local homes in their community.