Make Higher Profits T-Rex Miner 0.25.2 | LHR Dual Mining Ethereum (68%Plus) + Alephium |Step-by-Step

In this video I will show how to improve mining performance on LHR cards using the NEW T-Rex Miner’s Dual Mining logic for …


  1. Kindly do some analysis using the recent Trex miner version 0.25.8, it has dual mining for non-LHR cards as well. I tried it out in my 1660Ti's . The results are good. But definitely I want to hear your analysis. Thanks.

  2. I mined all night and my Alephium on Wooly still shows no activity, but ethermine does. Does it take longer to show up or something? I did make sure to update both wallets.

  3. Greetings

    I have a question about dual mining

    the second algorithm always produces 0 hash

    already checked the address and wallet several times

    Could it be because I have non LHR cards?

    i tried –lhr tune 0

    but give me same 0 hash

  4. Hi bro. Been watching a lot of ur vids for reference lately. I got a question

    My 3070ti core 1588, mem 1888, pl72. Got 58eth and 400alp.

    I saw ur OC settings is very low. Why? Is it has something to do with gpu lifespan or something?

  5. Thnx for this dual mining tutorial. Been getting good hash rate dual mining on two 3060 Ti's, around 80 MH on eth and 570 MH on Alephium. Power consumption around 212 watts. Using third 3060 Ti on eth only.

  6. Thank you for the walkthrough. I have a few questions, is the 3080 non-ti you're using a 10gb or 12gb? If 10gb, have you had the chance to test the 12gb version?

  7. My 3080 lhr stuck at 50-ish.. pny rtx 3080 LHR gaming X. Nv. 472.12. lock cc @1080 mclock @1400. On waterblock, Gpu temp max at 74c, mem temp max at 66c. Ddd try with cc 1350, nothing changes. silicon lottery i guess.

  8. Hi there, good video bro. I got doubt.. I'm dual mining with a MSI VENTUS 3X 3060TI, using Binance pool ETH and HeroMiners pool ALPH. Per day Binance gives me 0.00050 ETH and Hero gives me around 1 Alephium each day. Are this values allright? What do you think of this? It's around 2 dollar per day. Thank you!

  9. Hi how are you? Can you do a video about dual mining with ETH + TON with Lolminer?. I can't configure correctly my RTX 3070 LHR. From already thank you very much

  10. Sir for alephium it shows 0 hashrate for non lhr cards and 250+ hash rate for rtx 3060ti it normal to show 0 hashrate for non lhr cards for alephium..

  11. Thank you very much for your guidance to earn more on mining . I do not understand how we add over clock value for mixed GPUs rig in the same batch file ( coz i have 3060 and 3060ti) do i need to separated batch files to run for mining?

  12. This is not a small potion, u sacrificed 7-8% which is a lot. So maybe do the math of those 7-8% lost in regards to eth rewards vs alph and it is almost the same. Also on some cards if triggers much more the lhr lock even at 68. Tried it out with various 3000er cards, very sensitive to triggering lhr. Seems the t-rex miner needs more update to run this more stable

  13. just an advice, i notice you are having 250+- mhs on the 3070 ti, i hace 2 days mining alephium with my 3070 ti´s and i get 500+ mhs, but i couldnt get that much with the configuration on the .bat, i change it on msi with pl 74, +200 +1600 and get 55 – 57mhs on eth and as i say 500 mhs+ on alep, check it out because it may give you double alep of whats giving to you right now and that means more profit

  14. Right now i believe it is more profitable lolminer ETH+TON dual mining with LHR and NonLHR cards (my 3090s ETH 116mh+TON 2128Mh at 350W) my power consumption went higher about 20W per card. After TON coin is not mineble i will switch to alephium that it seems to be a promising project. I love your content and your T-Rex plugin for nicehash its remarkable!

  15. Насилие над картами , я лучше поберегу их , больше проживут.И вообще посмотрите на график цены Alephium (

  16. Exactly what I said when I saw the numbers.

    I can do 68%.

    I am going to try this. THANK YOU, again, for taking the time to test these new updates and making new videos.

    Appreciate it man, for real.

  17. Just thought Id add you disabled the non LHR GPU but there is no reason to do so it will not enable mineing for that card with alephium . I have a 3070 LHR and 3080 non lhr and didnt disable it and dual mining is only setup for the LHR card. The 3080 NON LHR just mines ETH on my nicehash pool ! . While the other is on Herominers .

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