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Motherboard BIOS Settings In this video I show you how to set your BIOS for CPU Mining the settings I use are for Ryzen 3900x …


  1. What's the CPU VID option for? Do left that one in Default and only change VDD on the ASUS motherboard? Then in the Aurus you change VID instead of VDD.

  2. красавчик! спасибо! а то грелся проц до 78, а теперь 52 почти с тем же хешрейтом👍

  3. Hello,
    Got two msi b450 gaming plus max boards and one is showing the VGA detection option and the other doesn't show the option in the bios settings, cannot seem to get it run headless while the other same board can run headless by disabling the vga detection option. any idea what to do?
    Great videos keep it up!

  4. I am sorry to tell the obvious, but what you did was not "overclock" but "downclock". Overclock means above the clock and the 3900x has a base clock of 3800MHz.

  5. Have this mother board, msi one, but I have 3800x gpu. Do I use your same settings you did in this video. Also have 5 gpu's on it mining. Now can I mine on this cpu? Using hiveos.

  6. Thanks for sharing the info. After setting up a thread ripper 3960x with 4*8GB 3200 MHz Ram to enable quad channel, cpuminer is still reaching to 5.5K hash for raptoreum. Is this its max ?

  7. I’m running 8x MSI B550 Tomahawk all 5950x and using 3070 gpus to make them boot. Latest stable BIOS flashed. Anyone has instructions to make them run without gpu?

  8. Mr. Rabid Mining Sir, what do I do when my Asus Prime B450 Mobo for the core voltage override only has auto and Offset? There is no manual.

  9. hi there, my rig cant mine 24/7, i read somewhere its because the bios setting, do you have any idea on things that i need to look at? thanks a lot

  10. Quick question
    I already ran my tune in hiveos and I just saw your video and made a few changes to my bios, do I need to run another tune?

  11. Hi my asus mobo does not have manual setting while pressing VDDCR CPU Voltage, it just shows Auto and offset mode. Any idea what i am missing. Cheers

  12. so, what hashrate it goes on? i heard 3900x is 3.5k but i've got never like it. it's only around 3k. i tried xmp set and faster ram. using Hiveos. nothing better.

  13. hi thx 4 all greats videos. plz help me about i will do cpu mining on windows with gpu ETH mining. any different overclock settings? or any trouble with working on windows? and last doing both CPU and GPU mining on windows at same time? Thanks

  14. Been mining raptoreum on my 5800x but only get around 1.85kh but seen most get over 2k. I see my cpu runs at about 4.5ghz at 1.4v when mining but is only pulling 75-80 watts. This is with docp on. I tried undervolting down to 1.1v on core in bios but it wouldn't boot so had to go back to stock auto. Using asus b550f motherboard. Any tips?

  15. hi great videos
    i m wondering is it possible to mine with ASUS TUF GAMING B550-PRO and lenova VERMEER B550"{ this come out of Lenovo Legion T5//would be great to back from u

  16. Hi Rabi !! Ask me a question please, if I put 36 for ccx and voltage in Auto, what do you think? since I have no problem with consumption. Greetings and thanks for so much friend! From Argentina

  17. Just found your channel and loving all the info on the, slept on, CPU mining. Been crunching numbers and thinking about getting into it but was just wondering why you underclock to 3.6 in stead of leaving at 3.8? Have you noticed that much difference in power consumption? Hash rate? If you haven't already made a video directly comparing overclock settings and power consumption I think that would be a popular one.
    EDIT: jk, I just found the efficiency video. I understand everything now.

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