Travel Company Announces Blockchain-Based, Play-to-Earn Travel Rewards Platform

Wholesale travel company HelloVacay on Thursday announced a blockchain-based travel reward platform, that rewards user engagement with a tokenized platform giving travellers access to private, discounted hotels and resorts.

“HelloVacay brings truly discounted travel rates coupled with a Web3 user experience,” said Ryan Beachum, Co-Founder and CEO of HelloVacay.

“While traditional travel rewards systems come with many limitations, we use the innovative infrastructure of tokens and NFTs to allow users to earn when they search, share, play and stay, unlocking a world of exciting, new travel opportunities for travelers.”

The company stated that it gives members private access to 70,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.

“Unlike travel hosting sites where guests are often unsure about what they are getting, HelloVacay members can join a trusted network that offers resort-style check-in at a truly affordable price,” the company stated.

Tokens and NFTs will be used to provide varying levels of rewards and discounts as well as utility and local collaborations within participating cities.

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