Vesper Finance is the ULTIMATE DeFi platform for crypto beginners | (DeFi made easy)

Hashoshi sat down with Jeff Garzik, a legend in the crypto space, to discuss Vesper Finance as a powerful platform for safe and …


  1. Thanks so much for watching! Was it obvious that it was surreal for me to interview Jeff Garzik over a decade after I first read the Bitcoin whitepaper? 🤯Don't forget to check out Vesper and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

  2. When I first heard about Bitcoin, I thought it was impossible. How can you have a purely digital currency? Can't I copy your hard drive and have your bitcoins? I didn't understand how that could be done, and then I investigated it and it was brilliant.

    Jeff Garzik, former contributor to Bitcoin Core.

  3. ZAP DeFi low MC, burned 650K of 19.2M. ZAP is A Passive Yield Protocol With Zero Transfer Tax. Rewards Are Instantly Zapped Into Your Wallet. Easy Integrations With Existing DeFi Protocols. The best coin to shoot at the moon…..

  4. Omg this guy is so hard to listen too. He is like an old man starting a story from the beginning of time….. can’t answer a question lol. Sorry can’t finish this video lol

  5. Great interview. Vesper has a future. They would grow if they were on other blockchain like SOL, LUNA, AVAX.

  6. "On-Chain Self-Sovereign Entities" or "Contracts can have Addresses". WoW! What a great interview!!! "Most people see a spread of parts on the ground and ask how do I put these together". I could quote him all day. Amazing ability to boil down to the fundamental essence of what we're all trying to understand.

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