A cryptocurrency that unites school learning with the teaching of values

A cryptocurrency that unites school learning with the teaching of values

Rogerio Rodrigues -CEO of EDUCACOIN

Nowadays, there are about 105 countries cryptocurrency that unites school learning with the teaching of values

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A cryptocurrency that unites school learning with the teaching of values

Nowadays, there are about 105 countries, representing over 95 percent of global GDP, are exploring a CBDC. Therefore, in May 2020, only 35 countries were considering a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). So, Educacoin was created in March 2019 in Portugal which is part of the European Union. A Brazilian entrepreneur created one of the tools standing out in various parts of the world, in support of Education, Sports, Culture, and Leisure: crypto called Educacoin.

Several countries are using Educacoin having the support of its strong and participative community. Its first signs of growth in Brazil are due to two important points: Brazilian citizen creator and the need to invest in education in Brazil.

Still, in a stage of organic growth and through great partnerships that its own community participates in, this crypto Educacoin promotes sponsorships in Sports, such as Football, Jui-Jitsu, Volleyball, Motorsport, and the arts, and various categories.

Crypto ambassadors spread across the continents, by making organic donations and encouraging use in exchanges. That means Education is a vital and necessary point for the growth and knowledge of an individual. And many governments cannot or do not want to invest in this basic need of their own people. However, Educacoin main flag is to help and promote resources for education in the world, where 25% of its Tokens must be donated for the coming years.

According to its founder Rogerio Rodrigues “We want the support and help of international businessmen and people who are interested in the cause to join hands in this project, alleviating the lack of educational hunger among the people”

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