Can I really travel the world with cryptocurrency – London Business News

Cashless Travel is one concept that is emerging fast and easily. Remember, we are moving towards a cashless society in the reign of digital. The advent of cryptocurrency has made the movement highly exciting. cryptocurrency users are benefitting from the inherent benefits. People are literally touring with less cash. They use cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

You also need to start trading cryptocurrency, and we suggest you take the help of Bitcoin Motion, an app to facilitate your trading. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the things that you could use to travel using cryptocurrency.

Advantages of cryptocurrencies

There are some advantages that you have with cryptocurrency. You can make use of those advantages to your benefit.

1. Decentralised economy

With cryptocurrency, you are going to get a decentralised economy. There is no centralised agency that has control over your transaction. Here every account is safeguarded in some decentralized ledger; that is, all are recorded in a network of many computers.

2. Low cost 

If you use some third-party systems of payment, like Debit cards and Credit cards, you spend on service charges. They depend from one transaction to another transaction. You could make it easy with cryptocurrency.

3. No regulations

One of the best facilities that you are going to get with cryptocurrency is that it follows no regulations of the central authority. cryptocurrency does not recognise any geographical boundaries. So this gets its compatibility with tourism.

How to travel the world with cryptocurrency

Around 3.3 million people in the UK use cryptocurrency. They can use it while they tour some other country or within the UK. Let’s discuss how.

1. Finding a cryptofriendly destination

If you want to travel to a place and spend via cryptocurrency, you need to choose the country or destination that embraces cryptocurrency. Not all countries have access to Bitcoin.

Every country does not accept Bitcoin. There are a handful of countries that accept cryptocurrency. You can visit those places. For example, El Salvador is one place that has embraced Bitcoin as a legal tender. Even one of two countries in Africa accepts Bitcoin.

2. Book a flight

For example, if you travel from London to Ljubljana (Slovenia), you could use cryptocurrency to make your payments.

There is a service called that offers flights as well as hotel accommodations. You could book flight tickets as well as hotel accommodations in different destinations worldwide.

The user experience is fairly simple; what you need is to trade cryptocurrency in some exchange. With the exchange, you can use coins like Litecoins and Dash other than Bitcoin. So you are clearly getting the experience with it.

3. Drive to the airport 

You have to hire a Taxi service in order to commute from one place to another. Rental cars offer cryptocurrency. Book with the only one that uses Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Well, this is a bit difficult because there are a few Taxi services that offer Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

4. Buying foods with bitcoin 

A journey without food is no good, remember. There are some platforms that accept cryptocurrency for the purchase of food. You just need to download or Bitcoin Map app.

Over there you get plenty of restaurants where you can get local food. Restaurants accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment is a mark of progressive ideas. You get to order food from any of the restaurants.

5. Booking hotel 

Want to book a hotel in London? And that too using cryptocurrency? It’s not that difficult. There are hotels in London that offer cryptocurrency. Choose from there. Just because accepting cryptocurrency is considered a modern approach, you will be received well.

So why not use cryptocurrency if you get a chance for investment? There are some platforms that make hotel bookings easy. So use those platforms to leverage the services.


Different sectors in the world accept cryptocurrency. The tourism sector is slow, but they are coming fast. There are business organizations that trade in cryptocurrency. What you just need is to hire the services that use cryptocurrency. So don’t worry and use cryptocurrency while you go out for a trip.