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CPU Mining GPU Mining ASIC Mining Live stream where you guys can ask me anything when it comes to mining Crypto. If I dont …


  1. Those average Hashrates, and shares (Accepted/stale/rejected) are based on the last 24 hours not the last 3 – 4 days you have been mining. The best way to calculate this for your
    test would be to check daily at the same exact time and record the numbers for cpuminer and xmrig then average them out after the test.

  2. What about mining meta verse (Etp). A lot of hipe around this meta verse. It’s a gpu mineable. They are almost no exchanges that except it right now. What’s your thought.

  3. Everyone says how nice flockpool layout is, but it doesn’t track all shares properly. Mine stops tracking 3 rigs after 2,100 shares. It’s weird. I go on my pc and look at the miner and the number of shares never line up after 2,000 ish accepted shares. Weird

  4. I really wish we could get the space to have a discussion on why none of us should be mining ETH. It's not for's not usable. They want nothing more than to make it fiat currency with proof of stake. mine projects that support miners. Ethereum classic. Rvn. Are the best options……..

  5. RABID! i missed it! was fixing a escooter for a mate! (a kugoo s1 – he had taken it out in the rain and blown the controller) ok ive put 30 rigs onto suprnova – 22 are xmrig 6.16.2 but 8 are still cpuminer cos the 4 thread xeons are STILL better on cpuminer. i still see huge possible upside for raptoreum – still a great team. still the best project. imo what the actual f is going on with crypto? i thought this december would be blow off top time. thats clearly not happening. is it bear market? is it extended market?- eg january -easter? dont know. with crypto and crypto mining you have to be flexible IMO – if the SEC regulate against certain things – what do you do? im a huge monero fan – but what do you do? i dont know. thought i had all the answers. – nobody has all the answers. if money was gold backed and we trusted the bankers – we all would not be here doing crypto. if the distrust gets to mega levels – its could be that monero is the ONLY thing folk want. i dont know. very best wishes from a wet and windy madchester

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