Ethereum Classic, Shiba Inu & Solana — Asian Wrap 26 July

Ethereum Classic price witnessed a 100% rally in one week. ETC price shows prevalent volume within the current consolidation and bearish divergence on the Relative Strength Index. Invalidation of the downtrend scenario is a breach above $28.19


Shiba Inu price witnessed a 7% decline, which could be the first impulse of a larger 20% decline in the coming days. SHIB price failed to find support from the 8-day simple moving average and now hovers above the 21-day moving average. Invalidation of the downtrend remains a breach above $0.00001320.


Solana price had impressive trading opportunities last week. Still, the SOL price has a double scenario in the works that deems the digital asset unfavorable until further notice. Solana price currently trades at $38.34. Last week, the Solana price was a favorable digital asset for day traders and scalpers.