How to make a living trading Cryptocurrency!

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  1. I love the reality of these video's. Its like sitting in your living room, talking about crypto's. Having your wife walking in the picture just adds to this reality-feeling.

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  5. Trades take a week to complete, after the profit from each investment has been attained, you can withdraw any amount. But withdrawals above $100,000 take two working days to complete, depending on your bank

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  11. I'm a forex trader but considering trading crypto a bit more. Is it the same as far as spreads? In Metatrader 4 there is a such thing as broker manipulation where they open up the spreads which reduces the amount of the trade that it running.

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  13. you have to be the most genuine person to post videos on youtube. Well done …I wish there was a way to sort through all the rubbish to get to honest people like you. Keep it up!!

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  17. i like this video, it cuts the fat and gets to the point, i realize its from 2017 but please make more for us noobs

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